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Football Broadcasts #1

1939 Rose Bowl. Ken Barton at the mic. USC beats Duke

1945-The Sugar Bowl called by Harry Wismer. Duke beats Alabama

1946-Nov.9. AN AMAZING BROADCAST! RED BARBER calls the famous Notre Dame v. Army game

1946-Nov.9. Bill Stern calls Notre Dame v.Army from Yankee Stadium

1952 Rose Bowl. Al Helfer. Illinois beats . Stanford

1954 NFL Title Game. TV audio. Condensed on 1 cassette.  ... Greatest Moment: In the 1954 NFL title game, Otto Graham scores three touchdowns and throws for three more in a 56-10 pasting of the Detroit Lions.

1956-Aug.10. Browns beat College All Stars

1956-Nov.24. Iowa netw. Iowa demolishes Notre Dame. Not the complete game but no scoring plays are missing. Audio from fair to very good.

1956 NFL Title Game. Condensed on 1 cassette. Not all scoring plays included. Giants beat Bears 47-7.

1957 Rose Bowl. Mel Allen. Iowa beats Oregon State

1957 NFL Title Game. Ray Scott. Lions beat Browns

1958 Rose Bowl. Hum on audio & 1st minute is missing. Al Helfer. OSU beats Ore.

1958-1982 3 tapes. 4:30 of the Echoes of the Paul “Bear” Bryant Years at Alabama.$14.95

1958 Sudden Death NFL Title Game. Joe Boland & Bill McCallgen. Colts beat Giants

1959-Oct.31. Lyle Bremser. Homecoming Day. Neb. Beats Okla. In Lincoln.

1959-Oct.31.Mel Allen calls Northwestern over Indiana

1959 NFL Title Game. Van Patrick. Colts beat Giants

1960-Oct.30. Mel Allen. Cards beat Giants

1960-Nov.13. Mel Allen. Giants beat Steelers

1960-Nov.19. Lyle Bremser. Nebraska beats Oklahoma

1960-Dec.18.Mel Allen. Browns beat Giants in a high scoring game.

1960 NFL Title Game. Jack Whitaker. Eagles beat Packers

1961 Rose Bowl. Curt Gowdy. Wash. Beats Minn.

1961 Orange Bowl. Missouri beats Navy

1961 NFL Title Game. Ray Scott. Packers beat Giants

1962 Rose Bowl. Chick Hearn. Minnesota beats UCLA

1962 NFL Title Game. Ken Coleman. Packers at Giants

1963 Rose Bowl. Tom Kelly & Mike Walden. USC beats Wisconsin

1963-Nov.17. Marty Glickman. Giants beat 49ers

1963-Dec.15. Marty Glickman. Giants beat Steelers to win the Eastern Division

1963 NFL Title Game. Jim Gibbons & Pat Summerall. Bears beat Giants

1964 Orange Bowl. TV audio. Curt Gowdy & Paul Cristman. Nebraska beats Auburn

1964-Sept.20. Woody Erdman. Steelers beat Giants

1964-Sept.26. Bob Zenner. Nebraska beats Minnesota

1964-Nov.22. NYGcasters. Steelers beat Giants

1964-Nov.28. Van Patrick. Army beats Navy

1964-Dec.16. NYGcasters. Browns beat Giants to win the Eastern Division

1964 NFL Title Game. Frank Messer & Don Stephan. Colts v. Browns

1965 Rose Bowl. Bob Wolff. Michigan beats Oregon State

1965 Orange Bowl. Joe Namath’s last college game. Ala. v. Tex. Some 4th qtr.action missing.

1965-Sept.19.Ted Brown. Cowboys beat Giants

1965-Sept.25. Purdue netw. Fair audio. Purdue upsets Notre Dame

1965-Nov.20. NDcasters MSU beats ND

1965 AFL Title Game from Balboa Stadium. Herb Carneal & Geo.Ratterman Bills beat Chargers

1965 NFL Title Game. Jack Drees. Packers beat Browns

1965 Cleveland Browns’ Hilites. They went to the NFL Title Gm. But lost to GB

1965,’66 &’67 GB Packers’ Glory Years highlights

1966-Oct.1. NDcasters ND beats Northwestern

1966-Oct.8. Syracuse netw. Syracuse beats Navy

1966-Oct.16. Ted brown. Giants beat Redskins

1966-Nov.12. NDcasters. Notre Dame MURDERS Duke 64-0

1966-Nov.12. Lyle Bremser. Nebraska beats Oklahoma State

1966-Nov.19. Jim Morris. The battle of the UNDEFEATEDS! ND v. MSU

1966-Nov.26. Mike Walden & Bill Simes. Notre Dame beats USC by more than 50

1966-Dec.18. Ramscasters. Packers beat Rams

1966 NFL Title Game. Jack Drees . Packers beat Cowboys

1967 Orange Bowl.. Mel Allen. Florida beats Georgia Tech

1967-Oct.14. NDcasters. USC beats ND

1967-Oct.28. NDcasters. ND beats MSU

1967-Nov.5. Ted Brown. Vikes beat Giants

1967-Nov.12. Lynch,Hodge & Erdman. Bears beat Giants

1967 NFL Title Game. Ted Moore & Chuck Johnson. “THE ICE BOWL.” Dall. At GB

1968 Orange Bowl. Mel Allen & Geo.Ratterman. Oklahoma beats Tennessee

1968-Sept. 21. Van Patrick. Notre Dame beats Oklahoma

1968-Oct.12.Tom Hemingway. Mich. beats MSU in Mich. Stadium

1968-Nov.3. Jack Brickhouse. Bears, with Sayers and Piccolo, beat Packers

1968-Nov.30. Al Wester. ND at USC

1968 NFL Title Game. Bob Reynolds. Colts beat Browns

1968 New York Jets Highlights. With Merle Harmon. 45 mins.

1968 AFL Title Game. Jim Simpson & Al DeRogattis Jets beat Raiders in NY to move on to the Super Bowl.

1968 Baltimore Colts’ Hilites

1969 Sun Bowl. Neb. network. Nebraska beats Georgia

1969-Sept.28. Gib Shanley. Browns beat Redskins

1969-Oct.4. Van Patrick. ND beats MSU

1969-Oct.5. NYG netw. Giants beat Bears

1969-Oct.5.Gib Shanley. Lions beat Browns

1969-Nov.15. Boilermakercasters. OSU beats Purdue

1969 Rose Bowl. TV audio on Trojan netw. Ohio State beats USC

1969-Dec.6. Connie Alexander. Texas beats Ark. for their 19th straight win and a trip to the Cotton Bowl.

1969 AFL Division Playoff. NYJcasters. In NY, the Chiefs beat the Jets

1969- The NFL Title Game. Ray Scott. Vikes beat Browns to go to their 1st Super Bowl.

1969 AFC Title Gm. Jim Simpson & Geo.Ratterman. Chiefs beat Raiders

1970 Cotton Bowl. Connie Alexander. Texas beats Notre Dame

1970-Sept.12. Lyell Bremser. Nebraska beats Wake Forest

1970-Sept.19. Neb. network. Nebraska v. USC

1970-Sept.21. Gib Shanley. Browns beat Jets

1970-Sept.26. Lyle Bremser. Nebraska beats Army

1970-Sept.27. Gib Shanley.  49ers beat the Browns

1970-Oct.10. Lyle Bremser. Nebraska beats Missouri

1970-Oct.11. Bengalcasters. Browns beat Bengals

1971-Oct.11. Marty Glickman & Chip Cipola. Cowboys beat Giants

1970-Oct.17. Lyell  Bremser. Nebraska beats Kansas

1970-Oct.18. Gib Shanley. Lions beat Browns

1970-Oct.24. Lyell Bremser. Nebraska blasts Oklahoma State

1970-Oct.31  Lyell Bremser. Nebraska beats Colorado

1970-Nov.7. Lyell Bremser. Nebraska beats Iowa State Cyclones

1970-Nov.8. Gib Shanley. Raiders beat Browns

1970-Nov.14. Lyle Bremser. Nebraska beats Kansas State

1970-Nov.15. Gib Shanley. Bengals beat Browns

1970-Nov.21. Van Patrick. ND beats L.S.U.

1970-Nov.22. Gib Shanley. Browns beat Oilers

1970-Nov.28. Hurricanecasters. U. of Miami with Chuck Foreman upsets the U. of Fla.

1970-Dec.7. Gib Shanley. Browns beat Oilers

1970-Dec.12. Gib Shanley. Cowboys beat Browns

1970-AFC Division Playoff. Bill King calls Oakland’s victory over Miami

1970 NFC Div.Playoff. TV audio. Ray Scott & Pat Summerall. SF beats Minn.

1970 NFC Playoff. TV audio. Frank Glieber & Frank Gifford. Dallas beats Detroit

1970-AFC Title Game. Curt Gowdy. TV audio. Colts beat Raiders

1970 NFC Title Gm. TV audio.Ray Scott & Pat Summerall. Dallas beats SF

1970 Super Bowl Champ Balt. Colts’ Hilites

1971 Rose Bowl. Don Klein & Marv Holman. Stanford beats OSU

1971 Orange Bowl. Jay Randolph.  Nebraska beats LSU

1971 Cotton Bowl. Connie Alexander. ND beats Texas

1971-Sept.19. Marty Glickman. Giants at Packers in an 80+ point game!

1971-Sept.19. Merle Harmon & Sam DeLuca. Balt. Colts beat the Jets as Norm Bulaich rushes for 198 yards to set a new one game Colt record.

1971-Sept.25. Van Patrick. ND beats Purdue

1971-Sept.25. Lyle Bremser. Texas A&M beats Nebraska

1971-Sept.26. Marty Glickman. Redskins beat Giants

1971-Oct.3. Merle Harmon & Sam DeLuca. Jets beat Dolphins

1971-Oct.11. Marty Glickman & Chip Cipola. Cowboys beat Giants

1971-Oct.16. Lyell Bremser. Nebraska rolls it up on Kansas

1971-Oct.23. Van Patrick. USC beats ND

1971-Nov.7.Marty Glickman. Giants beat Chargers

1971-Nov.14. Marty Glickman. Giants beat Falcons

1971-Nov.20. Mich. Network. Michigan beats OSU

1971-Nov.21 What a game called by Bill King. Chargers at Raiders. Sorry but both half kickoffs are missing.

1971-Nov.21 Merle Harmon. Jets beat Bills

1971-Nov.25. Neb. netw. Nebraska beats Okla. to win the Big Eight to go to the Orange Bowl

1971-Nov.28. Marty Glickman. Cards beat Giants

1971-Dec.4. Merle Harmon. Their first meeting ever. Cowboys beat Jets

1971-Dec.12. Merle Harmon. . John Riggins’s first TD. Jets beat Pats

1971-Dec.19. Merle Harmon. Jets beat Bengals in N.Y.

1971 AFC Playoff in double OT. KC netw with parts of 3rd & 4th qtrs. missing. Dolphins beat Chiefs

1971 NFC Title Game. Bob Reynolds & Don Klein. Cowboys beat 49ers

1971 AFC Title Game. Charlie Jones & Geo.Ratterman. Dolphins beat Colts

1971 Dallas Cowboy highlights. 45 mins.

1972 Rose Bowl. Michigan v. Stanford

1972 Orange Bowl. Jay Randolph. Nebraska beats Alabama

1972-Sept.17. Merle Harmon. Jets beat Bills

1972-Oct.14. Lyell Bremser. Nebraska really rolls it up on Missouri

1972-Oct.21. Al Wester. Missouri upsets ND

1972-Nov.19. Merle Harmon. Dolphins beat Jets

1972-Nov.26.Bill King. Oak.beats KC. 4th qtr. missing but only scoring was a Blanda FG. 4th qtr. Is recapped.

1972-Dec.2. Van Patrick. USC beats ND

1972-Dec.23 AFC Div. Playoff. “The Immaculate Reception”. Van Patrick. Steelers beat Raiders

1972-Dec.23 NFC Div. Playoff. Monte Stickles. Cowboys beat 49ers

1972 -Dec.24 NFC Div. Playoff. Van Patrick. Redskins beat Packers

1972-Dec.24 AFC Div. Playoff. Bob Hallaran. Dolphins beat Browns

1972 NFC Title Game. Don Klein & Andy Musser. Redskins beat Cowboys

1972 AFC Title Game. Larry King. Dolphins beat Steelers

1972 Washington Redskins hilites

1973 Sugar Bowl. Van Patrick. ND beats Alabama

1973 Rose Bowl. Marv Holman. USC beats OSU

1973-July 27. Van Patrick. Dolphins beat College All Stars

1973-Sept.8. Neb network. UCLA at Nebraska

1973-Sept.22. Lyell Bremser. Nebraska beats North Carolina State

1973-Oct.6. Lyell Bremser. Nebraska trounces Minnesota

1973-Oct.6. West Point netw. Georgia Tech beats Army

1973-Oct.27. Al Wester & Van Patrick. Notre Dame beats USC

1973-Oct.28. Jack Fleming & Myron Cope. Steelers beat Bengals

1973-Nov.22 Van Patrick calls Redskins victory over the Lions

1973-Nov.24. OSU netw. OSU at Mich.

1973-Nov.25. Fleming & Cope. Browns beat Steelers

1973-Dec.9. Marty Glickman. Eagles beat Jets

1973-Dec.16. Gilmartin and Campbell. Eagles beat Redskins

1973-Dec.16. Bills beat Jets. Marty Glickman. O.J. rushes for 2,000+ yards breaking Jim Brown’s single season rushing record of 1864 yds.

1973-Dec.22 NFC Div. Playoff. Van Patrick. Vikes beat Redskins

1973-Dec.22 AFC Div. Playoff. Monte Stickles. Raiders beat Steelers

1973-Dec.23 NFC Playoff. Van Patrick. Cowboys beat Rams

1973-Dec.23 AFC Playoff. Al Wester. Dolphins beat Bengals

1973-Dec.30 AFC Title Game. Jim Simpson & Kyle Rote. Dolphins beat Raiders

1973-Dec.30 NFC Title Game. Don Klein & Andy Musser. Vikings beat Cowboys

1974 Orange Bowl. Charlie Jones. Penn State with Cappelletti beat LSU

1974 Rose Bowl. Tom Hamlin OSU beats USC

1974 Cotton Bowl. Connie Alexander. Nebraska beats Texas

1974-July 10. WFL. Birm. Netw. Birm.Americans beat So.Cal. Sun

1974-Aug.14.WFL & Firecasters. Chicago Fire beat Phila. Bell.

1974-Sept.15. Fleming and Cope. Steelers beat Colts

1974-Sept.21. Pat Sheridan. ND bombs Northwestern

1974-Sept.21. Hawkeye network. Iowa beats UCLA

1974-Sept.22. Fleming and Cope. Steelers at Broncos. $14.95

1974-Sept.22. Jack Brickhouse. Jets beat Bears

1974-Sept.29. Fleming and Cope. Raiders beat Steelers

1974-Oct.26. Lyell Bremser. Nebraska beats Oklahoma State

1974-Nov.10. Marv Albert. Jets beat Giants at the Yale Bowl

1974-Nov.16. Don Criqui. ND beats Pitt.

1974-Nov.17. Marv Albert. Lions beat Giants

1974-Nov.17. Fleming and Cope. Steelers beat Browns

1974-Nov.21. WFL Quarter Finals. Hawaiians v. So.Cal.Sun

1974-Nov.23. Pitt. Netw. Penn State beats Pittsburgh

1974-Nov.24. Marv Albert. Cards beat Giants

1974-Nov.25. Fleming and Cope. Steelers beat Saints

1974-Nov.27. WFL Semi-finals. Birm.Americans beat Hawaiians

1974-Nov.29. Auburn netw. Alabama beats Auburn

1974-Nov.30. Tom Kelly. USC beats ND

1974-Dec.8. Fleming and Cope. Steelers win the AFC Central in Foxboro v. Pats

1974-Dec.15. Marty Glickman. Jets beat Colts in a high scoring game.

1974-Dec.21 AFC Playoff. Lindsey Nelson. Raiders beat Dolphins

1974-Dec.21 NFC Playoff. Vikescasters. Vikes beat Cardinals

1974-Dec.22 AFC Playoff. Don Criqui. Rams beat Redskins

1974 NFC Title Game. Joe McConnell. Vikes beat Rams

1974 AFC Title Game. Charlie Jones. Steelers beat Raiders

1975 Orange Bowl. ‘Bamacasters. Notre Dame beat Alabama

1975 Cotton Bowl. Connie Alexander. Penn State beats Baylor

1975 Rose Bowl. Tom Kelly. USC beats OSU

1975 Sugar Bowl. Lindsey Nelson. Alabama beats Penn. State

1975-Sept.15.Don Criqui. ND beats . Boston College

1975-Oct.4. Don Criqui. MSU beats ND

1975-Oct.26. Bills’ netw. Dolphins beat Bills

1975-Nov.2. Cowboycasters. In overtime, Redskins beat Cowboys

1975-Nov.15. Don Criqui. Pitt. Beats ND

1975-Nov.22. OSU netw. OSU beats Mich. to go to the Rose Bowl.

1975-Dec.13. Lindsey Nelson. Steelers beat Bengals

1975-Dec.14. Chuck Thompson. Colts beat Dolphins

1975-Dec.21. Chuck Thompson. Colts beat the Pats to win the AFC East

1975-Dec.27 Divisional Playoff. Dick Enberg. Rams beat Cards

1975-AFC Div. Playoff. Don Criqui & Al Wester. Steelers beat Colts

1975-Dec.28. NFC Playoff “The Hail Mary Pass”. Don Criqui. Cowboys beat Vikings

1975-Dec.28. AFC Playoff. Coach Paul Brown’s last game. Lindsey Nelson. Raiders beat Bengals

1975 NFC Title Game. Don Klein. Cowboys beat Rams

1975 AFC Title Game. Lindsey Nelson. Steelers beat Raiders

1976 Gator Bowl. Lindsey Nelson. Notre Dame beats Penn State

1976 Orange Bowl. Bob Ufer. Oklahoma beats Michigan

1976 Rose Bowl. Marv Holman. UCLA beats OSU

1976 Cotton Bowl. Connie Alexander. Arkansas beats Georgia

1976-July 23. The DELUGE! Steelers v. College All Stars

1976-Sept.12. Dan Kelly & Bill Wilkerson. The first regular season game for Seattle. Cards at Seahawks

1976-Sept.12. Tony Roberts. Raiders beat Steelers

1976-Sept.18. Don Criqui. ND beats Purdue

1976-Sept.18. Lyell Bremser. Nebraska beats Indiana

1976-Sept.25. N’westerncasters. ND socks it to Northwestern

1976-Sept.26. Fleming & Cope. Patriots beat Steelers

1976-Sept.26. Tony Roberts. Cowboys beat Colts

1976-Oct.3. Jack Brickhouse. Bears beat Redskins

1976-Oct.9. Bob Ufer. Michigan beats MSU

1976-Oct.9. Lyle Bremser. Nebraska beats Colorado

1976-Oct.16. Pete Taylor. Iowa State upsets Missouri

1976-Oct.23.Don Criqui. ND beats South Carolina

1976-Oct.23. Lyle Bremser. Missouri upsets Nebraska

1976-Nov.7. Jack Brickouse. Raiders beat Bears

1976-Nov.7. Len Hathaway & Sam Huff. Redskins beat 49ers

1976-Nov.13. Don Criqui. ND beats Alabama

1976-Nov.14. Bob Starr. Cards beat Rams

1976-Nov.20. Tom Kelly. USC goes to the Rose Bowl because of this win over UCLA

1976-Nov.20 Bob Ufer. Michigan goes to the Rose Bowl because of this win over OSU

1976-Nov.22. Lindsey Nelson. Colts beat Dolphins

1976-Nov.25.Frank Glieber. Cowboys beat Cards

1976-Nov.27. Don Criqui. ND beats USC

1976-Nov.28. GB network. Bears beat Packers in GB.

1976-Dec.4.. Dick Enberg. Rams MURDER the Falcons. Commemorating the Champion 1951Rams!

1976-Dec.4. Chuck Thompson. Cards beat Colts

1976-Dec.12. Tony Roberts. Redskins beat Cowboys

1976-Dec.12. Bob Starr. Cards beat Giants

1976-Dec.12.Marty Glickman. Joe Namath’s Jet finale as the Bengals trounce N.Y.

1976 AFC Playoff. Tony Roberts. Raiders beat Pats

1976-Dec.19 AFC Playoff. Chuck Thompson. Steelers beat Colts

1976-Dec.19 NFC Playoff. Vikescasters. Vikes beat Redsins

1976-Dec.19 NFC Playoff. Dick Enberg. Rams beat Cowboys

1976 AFC Title Game. Fleming & Cope. Raiders beat Steelers

1976 NFC Title Game. Don Klein. Vikes beat Rams

1976 Oakland Raiders Highlights

1977 Liberty Bowl. Lindsey Nelson & Al Wester.   Nebraska beats North Carolina

1977 Cotton Bowl. Connie Alexander. Houston beats Maryland

1977 Sun Bowl. Connie Alexander. Stanford beats LSU.

1977 Rose Bowl. Bob Ufer. USC beats Michigan

1977 Fiesta Bowl. Bob Davis & Bob Costas. Penn State beats Arizona State

1977 Sugar Bowl. Al Wester & Tony Roberts. Pitt. with Tony Dorsett beats Georgia

1977 Orange Bowl. Don Criqui. OSU beats Colorado

1977 Pro Bowl. Lindsey Nelson. AFC beats NFC

1977-Sept.17. Al Wester & Pat Sheridan. ‘Ol Miss upsets ND

1977-Sept.17. Neb.netw. Nebraska beats Alabama

1977-Sept.18. Tony Roberts. Cowboys beat Vikes

1977-Sept.18. Gib Shanley. Browns beat Bengals

1977-Sept.24. Lyle Bremser. In Lincoln, Nebraska beats Baylor

1977-Sept.24. Al Wester & Pat Sheridan. ND beats Purdue

1977-Sept.24. OSU netw. Okla. Beats OSU

1977-Sept.25. Joe McConnell. Cards beat Bears

1977-Sept. 26.Lindsey Nelson. Browns beat Pats

1977-Oct.1 Al Wester & Pat Sheridan. ND beats MSU

1977-Oct.1. Wildcatcasters. Wisconsin beats Northwestern

1977-Oct.2 Joe McConnell. Saints beat Bears

1977-Oct.8 Ken Coleman. OSU beats Purdue

1977-Oct.8.Okla.netw. Tex.beats Okla. thanks to Campbell and Erxleben

1977-Oct.9. Eaglecasters. Eagles beat Giants

1977-Oct.9. Bengalcasters. Bengals beat Packers

1977-Oct.9. Gib Shanley. Raiders beat Browns to win their 18th straight.

1977-Oct.10. Joe McConnell. Namath as L.A.QB but the Bears upset the Rams

1977-Oct.15. Ken Coleman & Chris Ward. OSU beats Iowa

1977-Oct.15. NDcasters. ND beats Army

1977-Oct.16. Eaglecasters. Cards at Eagles

1977-Oct. 16. Joe McConnell. Vikes beat Bears

1977-Oct.22. NDcasters. ND trounces USC

1977-Oct.23. Bill King & Scotty Sterling. Raiders beat Jets

1977-Oct.23. Bengalcasters. Broncos beat Bengals

1977-Oct.23. S.F.netw. 49ers beat Lions

1977-Oct.23. Gib Shanley. Browns beat Bills

1977-Oct.29. NDcasters. ND beats Navy

1977-Oct.29. Ken Coleman. OSU trounces Wisconsin

1977-Oct.30. Joe McConnell. Bears at Packers. Payton ties Gale Sayers’s Bears’ single game rushing record.

1977-Oct.30. Oak.netw. Raiders beat Broncos

1977-Nov.5.Al Wester. ND really hands it to Georgia Tech

1977-Nov.5. Neb. netw. Nebraska beats Missouri

1977 -Nov.6. Det.netw. Lions beat Chargers

1977-Nov.6. Joe McConnell. Oilers bomb the Bears

1977-Nov.12. Jack Dale & John Smith. Texas mauls TCU

1977-Nov.12. Al Wester. ND beats Clemson

1977-Nov.13. Joe McConnell. Bears beat Chiefs

1977-Nov.13. Denver netw. Broncos beat Chargers

1977-Nov.19. NDcasters. ND bombs Air Force Academy

1977-Nov.20. Joe McConnell. Payton rushes for 275 yds.breaking the NFL single game rushing record! Bears beat Vikes.

1977-Nov.20. Bengalcasters. Bengals beat Dolphins

1977-Nov.20. Eaglecasters. Cards beat Eagles

1977-Nov.20. Gib Shanley. Browns beat Giants

1977-Nov.26. Lionscasters. Penn. State beats Pitt.

1977-Nov.25. Tom Kelly. USC beats UCLA

1977-Nov.27. Eaglecasters. Pats beat Eagles

1977-Nov.27. Bengalcasters. Bengals beat Giants

1977-Nov.27. Gib Shanely. Rams beat Browns

1977-Nov.27. Broncocasters. Denver beats Baltimore

1977-Nov.28. Lindsey Nelson. Raiders beat Bills.

1977-Dec.3. Pat Sheridan. In Gainesville, Florida State upsets Univ. of Florida

1977-Dec.4. Cinc. Netw. Bengals beat Chiefs

1977-Dec.4. Bob Starr. Giants beat Cards

1977-Dec.4. . Dick Enberg. Raiders at Rams. Rams clinch the West!

1977-Dec. 4. Denv. netw. Broncos beat Oilers

1977-Dec.4. Vern Lundquist & Brad Sham. Cowboys clinch Div. with this win over
                     the Eagles

1977-Dec.11. Vikescasters. Raiders beat Vikes

1977-Dec.11. NYGcasters. Eagles beat Giants

1977-Dec.11.Bearscasters. Bears beat Packers

1977-Dec.11. Both team feeds. Pats beat Dolphins

1977-Dec.12. Al Wester. Cowboys beat 49ers in a barnburner

1977-Dec.17. Redskinscasters. Rams at Redskins. It comes down to just ONE second. BAM!

1977-Dec.17. Rick Weaver & Larry King. Miami beats Buffalo for the 16th straight time.
Missing are the 1st 4 scoreless minutes of the third quarter.

1977-Dec.18. Eaglecasters. Eagles beat Jets

1977-Dec.18. Chiefscasters. Raiders beat Chiefs

1977-Dec.18. Bob Starr. Bucs beat Cards

1977-Dec.18. Joe McConnell. Bears beat Giants

1977-Dec.18. Grady Alderman. Vikes win the NFC Central v. Lions

1977-Dec.24 Bob Martin &Larry Zimmer. AFC Playoff. Broncos beat Steelers

1977-Dec.24 Chuck Thompson. AFC Playoff. Raiders beat Colts. $14.95

1977-Dec.26. Joe McConnell. NFC Playoff. Cowboys beat Bears

1977-Dec.26 Vikescasters. NFC Playoff. Vikes beat Rams

1977-AFC Title Game. Al Wester. Broncos beat Raiders

1977-NFC Title Game. Bob Starr. Cowboys beat Vikes

1977-Dec.30. Gator Bowl. Pitt. Panthers trounce Clemson

1977.Three hours of Denver Broncos season highlights including the Super Bowl preview.

1977 The 10-1-0 Kentucky Wildcats Highlights

1977 Cotton Bowl. Connie Alexander. ND beats Texas

1978 Rose Bowl. Barry Tomkins. Washington beats Michigan

1978 Sugar Bowl. Al Wester. Alabama beats OSU

1978 Liberty Bowl. Lindsay Nelson & Al Wester. Mizzou beats LSU

1978 Orange Bowl. National broadcast. Arkansas beats Oklahoma

1978-Sept.4. Jack Buck & Hank Stram. Cowboys beat Colts

1978-Sept.11. Jack Buck & Hank Stram. Vikes beat Broncos

1978-Sept.17. KC network. Giants beat Chiefs

1978-Sept.18. Messrs. Buck and Stram. Colts beat Pats

1978-Sept.23. Bob Ufer. Mich. Beats ND

1978-Sept.24. Dick Griffin. Tampa Bay beats Atlanta

1978-Sept.30. Al Wester & Ralph Guglielmi. ND beats Purdue

1978-Oct.2. Messrs. Buck & Stram. Redskins beat Cowboys

1978-Oct.7. Al Wester & Ralph Guglielmi. ND beats MSU

1978-Oct.8. Jack Fleming and Myron Cope. Steelers beat Falcons

1978-Oct.14. Al Wester & Ralph Guglielmi. ND beats Pitt.

1978-Oct.22. Gino Cappeletti. Pats beat Dolphins

1978-Oct.29. GB network. Packers beat Bucs

1978-Oct.30. Jack Buck & Hank Stram. Falcons beat Rams

1978-Nov.4.Al Wester & Ralph Guglielmi. ND beats Navy in Cleveland

1978-Nov.5. Marv Fleming & Myron Cope. Steelers beat Saints

1978-Nov.11 Lyle Bremser. In Lincoln, the Cornhuskers beat the Sooners

1978-Nov.12. Patscasters. Oilers overcome a 23 point deficit to defeat the Pats in Foxboro

1978-Nov.13. Jack Buck & Hank Stram. Raiders beat Benagls

1978-Nov.18. Al Wester. Notre Dame beats Georgia Tech

1978-Nov.19. Eaglecasters. A THRILLER! ONE GREAT GAME! Eagles at Giants

1978-Nov. 20. Jack Buck & Hank Stram. Oilers beat Falcons

1978-Nov.23. Messrs. Buck & Stram. Thanksgiving Day. Lions beat Broncos

1978-Nov.25. Bob Ufer. Michigan goes to the Rose Bowl by virtue of this win over OSU

1978-Nov.25. Al Wester. USC beats ND

1978-Dec.3. Tony Roberts & Pat Sheridan. Cowboys beat Pats

1978-Dec.3. Eaglecasters. Vikes beat Eagles

1978-Dec.9.Lindsey Nelson. Lions beat Vikes

1978-Dec.10. Patscasters. Patriots win the Division versus the Bills

1978-Dec .10. Tony Roberts & Pat Sheridan. Cowboys beat Eagles

1978-Dec.10.Pete Gross and Don Heinrich. Chargers beat Seahawks

1978-Dec.16. Jack Fleming & Myron Cope. Steelers beat Broncos

1978-Dec.18. Tony Roberts & Pat Sheridan. Raiders beat Vikes

1978-Dec.18. NYGcasters. Eagles win the Wild Card by beating the Giants in Philadelphia

1978-Dec.19. Bengalcasters. Steelers beat Bengals

1978-Dec.24 NFC Wild Card Playoff. Jack Buck & Hank Stram. Falcons beat Eagles

1978 AFC Wild Card Playoff. Don Klein. Oilers beat Dolphins

1978-Dec.30 AFC Div. Playoff. Jim Kelly & Tim Ryan. Steelers beat Broncos

1978 NFC Div. Playoff. Messrs. Buck & Stram. Rams beat Vikes

1978-Dec.30 NFC Div. Playoff. Jack Buck & Hank Stram. Cowboys beat Falcons

1978-NFC Title Game. Jack Buck and Hank Stram. Cowboys beat Rams

1978 AFC Title Game. Lindsey Nelson. Steelers beat Oilers

1979 Holiday Bowl. 2nd one played. Tony Roberts. Indiana beats Brigham Young

1979 Cotton Bowl. Connie Alexander. ND beats Houston

1979 Sugar Bowl. Al Wester. Alabama beats Penn. State

1979 Rose Bowl. Tom Kelly. USC beats Michigan

1979 Orange Bowl. Tony Robets & Pat Sheridan. Oklahoma beats Nebraska

1979-Sept.1. Lions’ network. The first opening day win for Tampa Bay. Lions at Bucs

1979-Sept.3. Pitt.’s Myron Cope on Sports before Steeler’s Opening game

1979-Sept.8. Temple.netw. Opener. Temple University beats West Virginia in WV.

1979-Sept.8. Chuck Underwood. OSU beats Syracuse

1979-Sept.9. Tony Robets & Pat Sheridan. Dolphins beat Seahawks at the Orange Bowl

1979-Sept.10. CBS. Messrs. Buck & Stram. Falcons beats Eagles

1979-Sept.10. Merrill Reese. Falcons beat Eagles in Phila.

1979-Sept.15 Temple netw. Temple beats Drake

1979-Sept.15. Villanova netw. Villanova beats U. Mass.

1979-Sept.15. Messrs. Wester & Sheridan. Notre Dame upsets Michigan

1979-Sept.23. Merrill Reese. Eagles beat Giants in New Jersey

1979-Sept.27. Al Wester & Pat Sheridan. ND beats MSU

1979-Sept.29. Al Wester. Notre Dame beats MSU

1979-Sept.29. Fordham netw. From Giants’ Stadium, Wagner beats Fordham

1979-Oct.6. Jim Zabel & Forrest Evashevski.  Iowa beats Illinois at Champaign Urbana

1979-Oct.7. Jim Gordon & Dick Lynch. Giants beat Bucs

1979-Oct.7 KMOX. Bob Starr. Cardinals beat Oilers

1979-Oct.8. Messrs. Buck & Stram. Raiders beat Dolphins

1979-Oct.13. Mizzoucasters . Oklahoma State beats Univ. of Missouri

1979-Oct.14. Wayne Larrabbe & Bill Grigsby. Broncos beat Chiefs

1979-Oct.14. Bob Starr. Eagles beat Cards

1979-Oct.15. J.Buck and H.Stram. Jets beat Vikes

1979-Oct.20. Mizzoucasters. . Missouri beats Colorado

1979-Oct.21. Messrs. Larrabee & Grigsby. Giants beat Chiefs in a THRILLER

1979-Oct.27. Al Wester. ND beats S.Carolina

1979-Nov.3. Lyle Bremser. Nebraska beats Missouri

1979-Nov.4.NYJ netw. Jets beat Packers at Lambeau Field

1979-Nov.4. Messrs. Roberts & Sheridan. Rams stifle Seahawks

1979-Nov.5 Jack Buck & Hank Stram. Oilers beat Dolphins

1979-Nov.10. Al Wester & Pat Sheridan.  Tenessee bombs Notre Dame

1979-Nov.11 Tom Franklin. Oilers beat Raiders

1979-Nov.11. Al Wester. Tennessee BOMBS Notre Dame (slight hum in portion of 2nd half)

1979-Nov.12. Messrs. Buck and Stram. Cowboys beat Eagles

1979-Nov.19. Jack Buck & Hank Stram. Rams beat Falcons

1979-Nov. 20. Al Wester & Pat Sheridan. USC beats Notre Dame

1979-Nov.24. Tony Robets. From Tokyo, ND beats Miami

1979-Nov.24. Mo. Netw. Missouri badly beats Kansas

1979-Nov.24. Soonercasters. Congressman J.C.Watts playing for Okla. Okla. Beats Neb.

1979-Nov.24. Tom Kelly. USC beats UCLA to go to the Rose Bowl

1979-Nov.25. Saintscasters. Saints beat Falcons

1979-Nov.25. Jim Gannon & Pat Sheridan. Dolphins beat Colts

1979-Nov.29. Messrs. Buck and Stram. . Dolphins beat Patriots in the Orange Bowl

1979-Dec.3. Messrs. Buck & Stram. Raiders beat Saints

1979-Dec.10. J.Buck & H.Stram. Oilers, with Mr. Campbell, beat the Steelers

1979-Dec.16. Mark Champion. Bucs win the Division. K.C. Chiefs at Tampa Bay

1979-Dec.16. Messrs. Roberts & Sheridan. Cowboys win the Division v. Redskins

1979-Dec.17. Messrs. Buck & Stram. In S.D., Chargers win the Division v. the Browns

1979-Dec.17. Messrs. Buck & Stram. In S.D., Chargers win the Division v. the Bro
 NFC Div. Playoff. Messrs. Buck & Stram. Rams beat Cowboys

 NFC Div. Playoff. Jim Kelly &Tim Ryan. Bucs beat Eagles
979 AFC Div. Playoff. Messrs. Buck & Stram. Oilers beat Chargers

1979 AFC Div. Playoff. Tim Ryan & Jim Kelly. Steelers beat Dolphins

1979 NFC Title Game. Messrs. Buck & Stram. Rams beat Bucs
9 AFC Title Game. Lindsey Nelson. Steelers beat Oilers

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