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Football Broadcasts #2

1979-Dec.17. Messrs. Buck & Stram. In S.D., Chargers win the Division v. the Broncos

1979 NFC Wild Card Playoff. Bearscasters. Eagles beat Bears

1979 NFC Div. Playoff. Messrs. Buck & Stram. Rams beat Cowboys

1979 NFC Div. Playoff. Jim Kelly &Tim Ryan. Bucs beat Eagles

1979 AFC Div. Playoff. Messrs. Buck & Stram. Oilers beat Chargers

1979 AFC Div. Playoff. Tim Ryan & Jim Kelly. Steelers beat Dolphins

1979 NFC Title Game. Messrs. Buck & Stram. Rams beat Bucs

1979 AFC Title Game. Lindsey Nelson. Steelers beat Oilers

1980 Orange Bowl. Tony Roberts. Oklahoma beats Florida State

1980 Rose Bowl. Tom Kelly. USC beats Ohio State

1980 Sugar Bowl. Lou Boda. Alabama beats Arkansas

1980 Aug.30. Merrill Reese. Pre season game. Raiders beat Eagles

1980-Sept.9. Bengalscasters. T.B.Bucs beat Bengals at Riverfront

1980-Sept.29. Broncocasters. New England defeats Denver

1980-Oct.12. Jim Gordon & Dick Lynch. Eagles beat Giants

1980-Oct.12. Spencer Ross & Sam DeLuca. Jets beat Falcons

1980-Oct.19. Gib Shanley. Browns beat Packers

1980-Oct.20. Messrs. Buck & Stram. Raiders beat Steelers in a BARNBURNER!

1980-Oct.26.Gib Shanley. Browns beat Steelers

1980-Oct.27.Jack Buck & Hank Stram. Jets beat Dolphins

1980-Nov.10. Jack Buck & Hank Stram. Oilers beat Pats in a high scoring game.

1980-Nov.15. Fl.netw. Florida beats Kentucky

1980-Nov.15. Al Wester. ND beats Ala.

1980-Nov.17. J.Buck and H.Stram. Oak. Raiders beat Seahawks

1980-Nov.22. Fred Hessler. UCLA beats USC

1980-Nov.29. ‘Bamacasters. Ala. Beats Auburn

1980-Dec. 4. Messrs. Buck and Stram. Oilers beat Steelers

1980-Dec.7. Van Miller. Bills go 10-4 with this win over the Rams

1980-Dec.8. Messrs. Buck and Stram. Dolphins beat Pats. (News Bulletin: John Lennon shot & killed tonight)

1980-Dec.14. Grady Alderman. “The Hail Mary Pass II Game.” Vikes beat Browns

1980-Dec.15 Messrs. Buck and Stram. Rams beat Cowboys

1980-Dec.21. Van Miller. Bills beat 49ers

1980-Dec.22. Messrs. Buck and Stram. Chargers win the A.F.C. West v. Steelers & it’s Rocky Bleier’s last NFL game.

1980-Dec.28 Jack Buck & Hank Stram. NFC Wild Card Playoff. Cowboys beat Rams

1980 AFC Wild Card Playoff. Lindsey Nelson. Raiders beat Oilers

1980 AFC Div. Playoff. Jim Kelly & Lindsey Nelson. Chargers beat Bills

1980-AFC Div. Playoff. Messrs. Buck & Stram. Raiders beat Browns

1980 NFC Div.. Playoff. Messrs. Buck & Stram. Eagles beat Vikes

1980 NFC Div. Playoff. Lindsey Nelson. Cowboys beat Falcons

1980 NFC Title Game. Messrs. Buck & Stram. Eagles beat Cowboys

1980 AFC Title Game. Lindsey Nelson & Jim Kelly. Raiders beat Chargers

1981 Rose Bowl. Jack O’Rourke. Michigan beats Washington

1981-Aug.29.Pre-season. Merrill Reese. Jets beat Eagles

1981-Sept.6. Rick Weaver. Dolphins beat Cards

1981-Sept.12. Wisc. Netw. Wisconsin upsets Michigan

1981-Sept.20. Stu Voight. Vikes beat Lions in a THRILLER!

1981-Sept.20. Chuck Thompson calls the Broncos beating the Colts

1981-Sept.26. Tom Kelly. A BIG TROJAN COMEBACK WIN! Okla. v. USC

1981-Sept.26. Wisc. Netw. Wisconsin beats Western Michigan

1981-Sept.27. Stu Voight. Vikes beat Packers

1981-Oct.4. Stu Voight. . Vikes beat Bears

1981-Oct.4. Gib Shanley. Rams beat Browns in Los Angeles

1981-Oct.11 Vikescasters. . Vikes beat Chargers

1981-Oct.11. Gib Shanley calls Steelers win over the Browns

1981-Oct.17. Dick Martin & Jim Grabowski. Ohio State beats Illinois

1981-Oct.25. Jack Buck. Cards beat Vikings

1981-Nov. 2. Buck and Stram. In Denver, the Broncos beat the Vikes

1981-Nov.8.John Carlson & John Morris. Dolphins beat Pats

1981-Nov.8. Jack Buck. Eagles score more than 50 in beating the Cards

1981-Nov.14. ‘Bamacasters. Alabama beats Penn State to give “Bear” Bryant win # 314 tying him with Amos Alonzo Stagg.

1981-Nov.15. Joe McConnell. Packers beat Bears

1981-Nov.15. Don Klein and Wayne Walker. Browns beat 49ers

1981-Nov.15. N.E.netw. Jets beat Pats

1981-Nov.21. KMPC. Marcus Allen’s college finale. USC beats UCLA

1981-Nov.22. Bob Starr. 49ers beat Rams

1981-Nov.22. 49ers network. 49ers beat Rams

1981-Nov.26. Lindsey Nelson. Cowboys beat Bears

1981-Nov.26. Buck and Stram on Thanksgiving. Lions beat Chiefs

1981-Nov.29. 49ers network. 49ers beat Giants to win the NFC West

1981-Dec.6. 49ers’ network. 49ers beat Bengals

1981-Dec.13. 49ers network. 49ers beat Oilers

1981-Dec.20.Jack Buck. Eagles beat Cards by close to 40 pts.

1981-Dec.27. AFC Wild Card Playoff. Lindsey Nelson & Jim Kelly. Bills beat Jets

1981-NFC Wild Card Playoff. Messrs. Buck & Stram. Giants beat Eagles

1981 NFC Div. Playoff. Jack Buck & Hank Stram. 49ers beat Giants

NFC Div.Playoff. 49ers network. 49ers beat Giants

1981 AFC Div. Playoff. Lindsey Nelson & Jim Kelly. Bengals beat Bills

1981 AFC Div. Playoff. SD netw. The FAMOUS 41-38 Charger win over Miami. $14.95

1981 NFC Div. Playoff. Messrs. Buck & Stram. Cowboys beat Bucs

1981 AFC Title Game. Lindsey Nelson & Jim Kelly. Bengals beat Chargers

1981 NFC Title Game. Jack Buck & Hank Stram. 49ers beat Cowboys

NFC Title Game. 49ers network. 49ers beat Cowboys

1982 Holiday Bowl. Tony Roberts. Ohio State beats Brigham Young

1982 Rose Bowl. Jack O’Rourke & Rick Frizano. Washington beats Iowa

1982-June 30. 90 minutes of the Pete Franklin Show with Tom Cosineau of the Cleveland Browns

1982-Pete Franklin’s Pro Draft Review including interviews with college stars Joe Morris and Art Schlichter. 90 minutes

1982-Sept.12. Bill King. . The debut of the L.A. Raiders. Raiders beat 49ers

1982-Sept.12. Vikescasters. Vikes beat Bucs

1982-Sept.12 Joe McConnell. Mike Ditka’s first game as head coach. Lions beat Bears

1982-Nov.13.Merrill Reese. Versus Harvard, Penn ties for the Ivy League Title

1982-Nov.13. Al Wester. Penn State beats ND

1982-Nov.22. Fred Hessler. UCLA beats USC

1982-Nov.28. Joe McConnell. Vikes beat Bears

1982-Dec.5. Bengalcasters. Bengals beat Colts

1982-Dec.12. Stu Voight. Vikes beat Colts

1982 NFC Wild Card playoff. GB netw. Packers maul the Cards

1982 AFC Wild Card playoff. Lindsey Nelson &Jim Kelly. LA Raiders beat Browns

1982 AFC Wild Card Playoff. Bengalcasters. Jets beat Bengals

1982 NFC Wild Card Playoff. Lindsey Nelson & Jim Kelly. Cowboys beat Bucs

1982 AFC Div. Playoff. Andy Musser & Roman Gabriel. Jets beat Raiders

1982 NFC Div. Playoff. Lindsey Nelson. Cowboys beat Packers

1982 AFC Div. Playoff. Messrs. Buck & Stram. Dolphins beat Chargers

1982 NFC Div. Playoff. Jim Kelly & John Dockery. Redskins beat Vikes

1982 AFC Title Game. Messrs. Buck & Stram. Dolphins beat Jets

1982 NFC Title Game. Messrs. Buck & Stram. Redskins beat Cowboys

1982-Echoes of Bear Bryant’s 25 years at Alabama. 1958-1982. Narrated by John Forney.

1983 Rose Bowl. Fred Hessler. UCLA beats Michigan

1983 Liberty Bowl at Memphis. Al Wester. Notre Dame beats Boston College

1983 Cotton Bowl. Frank Glieber & Roman Gabriel. SMU with Dickerson defeats Pittsburgh with Marino.

1983-The 1st Florida Citrus Bowl(formerly the Tangerine Bowl). Mark Champion. Tenn.beats Maryland

1983-Mar.3. Birm. Netw. The USFL Opener for both. Mich. Panthers beat Birmingham Stallions

1983-Mar 6. USFL Opener. Dick Butkus. LA Express beat NJ Generals

1983-July 17. Dan Lovitt & Paul Hornung. The USFL Title Game. Mich. Beats Phila. $14.95

1983-Sept. 4. Stu Voight. Vikings beat Browns in the Opening Day game

1983-Sept.18. Bob Starr. Packers beat Rams

1983-Sept.18. Stu Voight. In overtime, Vikes beat T.B. Bucs

1983-Oct.9. Joe McConnell. Vikes beat Bears

1983-Oct.15. Lyell Bremser. Nebraska beats Missouri

1983-Oct.29. Auburn network.  Auburn beats Florida

1983-Nov.26 Neb. Netw. . Nebraska at Oklahoma. Neb.wins Nat’l Championship.

1983-Nov.27. Phila.netw. Redskins beat Eagles

1983-Dec.4. Merrill Reese. Eagles beat Rams

1983-Dec.18. Mark Champion. Lions beat Bucs

1983 - AFC Wild Card playoff. . Messers. Buck & Stram. Rams beat Cowboys

1983 - AFC Wild Card playoff. Messrs. Buck & Stram. Seahawks beat Broncos

1983 AFC Div. Playoff. Messrs. Buck and Stram. Raiders beat Steelers

1983 NFC Div. Playoff. Jim Kelly. Redskins steamroll Rams

1983 AFC Div. Playoff UPSET! Jim Kelly & Dan Dierdorf. Seahawks beat Dolphins

1983 AFC Title Game. Lindsey Nelson & Jim Kelly. Raiders beat Seahawks

1983 NFC Title Game. Messrs. Buck & Stram. Redskins beat 49ers

1984 Rose Bowl. KMPC. UCLA trounces Illinois

1984 Orange Bowl. Bob Murphy & Donny Duncan. Miami wins the National Championship. Nebraska at U. of Miami

1984-Feb.26. USFL. Maulers at Okla. Outlaws

1984-Mar 11. USFL. The Pitt. Maulers’ home opener v. Birm. Stallions

1984-March 18. TB network. USFL. Denver Gold beat Tampa Bay Bandits

1984-May 14. TB netw. T.B.Bandits beat the Okla. Outlaws

1984-Sept.2. Colts’ netw. The Indianapolis Colts’ 1st game.. Jets beat Colts

1984-Sept.8. B.C.netw. Boston College beats Alabama

1984-Oct.20. ND netw. South Carolina beats Notre Dame

1984-Nov.18. Joe McConnell. Bears beat Lions

1984-Nov.24. Tony Robets & Pat Sheridan. . Notre Dame beats USC

1984 -Dec.14. Dick Stockton. 49ers beat Rams to become the 1st NFL team to ever win 15 in a single season

1984-Dec.15. Jack Buck. The Broncos beat the Seahawks to win the Division.

1984-Dec.23 Wild Card NFC Playoff. Mike Weaver & Dan Dierdorf. Giants beat Rams

1984 AFC Wild Card playoff. . Jack Buck & Hank Stram. Seahawks beat the L.A. Raiders

1984-Dec.29 NFC Div. Playoff. Dick Stockton. 49ers beat Giants

1984-AFC Playoff. Messrs. Buck & Stram. At Miami, Dolphins over Seahawks

1984 AFC Title Game. Messrs. Buck & Stram. Last six minutes is TV audio. Dolphins beat Steelers

1985 Rose Bowl. Marty Glickman. Opening kickoff missing. USC beats OSU

1985 Orange Bowl. Bob Murphy & Howard Schnellenberger. Washington beats Oklahoma

1985 Sugar Bowl. Tony Roberts & Fran Tarkenton. Nebraska beats L.S.U.

1985-Sept.8. Joe McConnell & Stu Voight. At Minnesota, the Vikes beat the 49ers

1985-Sept.15. Joe McConnell. At Tampa, the Vikes beat the Bucs

1985-Sept.29.Joe McConnell & Stu Voight. At Buffalo, the Vikes beat the Bills.

1985-Oct.6. Atl. netw. Montana has VERY BIG day as 49ers beat Falcons

1985-Oct.19. Jim Zabel and Ed Podolak.   Iowa beats Michigan

1985-Oct.20. Joe McConnell & Stu Voight. At Minnesota, Vikes beat the Chargers

1985-Oct.27.Joe McConnell & Stu Voight. At Soldier Field, Bears beat Vikes

1985-Oct.27. Atl. Netw. Dallas beats Atlanta. Big day for Danny White

1985-Nov.3. Joe McConnell & Stu Voight. At Minnesota, the Vikes beat the Lions

1985-Nov.9. Larry Munson. Georgia upsets #1 ranked Florida

1985-Nov.24. Atl.netw. Bears stomp the Falcons

1985-Nov.28. Mel Proctor & Dave Rowe. At Dallas, the Cowboys beat the Cardinals.

1985-Nov.30. Larry Munson. Georgia Tech beats Georgia

1985-Dec.8. Atl.netw. KC Chiefs at Arrowhead beat the Falcons

1985-Dec.14. Wayne Larrabee & Dick Butkus. Bears beat Jets at Soldier Field

1985-Dec.15. Atl. netw. Falcons upset Vikes to knock them out of the playoffs

1985 NFC Wild Card Playoff. Marty Glickman. In N.Y., the Giants upset the 49ers.

1985 AFC Div. Playoff. Marty Glickman. Dolphins beat Browns

1985 NFC Div. Playoff. Bearscasters. Bears beat Giants

1985 NFC Title Game. Bearscasters. Bears beat Rams

1985 AFC Title Game. Tony Rowe. Pats beat Dolphins

1985 Iowa Hawkeye Hilites. “The Road to the Roses”.Ron Gonder & Mike Reilly

1986 Orange Bowl. Bob Murphy & Howard Schnellenberger. Oklahoma beats Penn.State

1986-Sept.6. FL netw. Miami beats Florida

1986-Nov.8. Oklahoma netw. Sooners beat Mizzou Tigers, 77-0

1986-Dec.8. Don Criqui. Seahawks beat the L.A.Raiders by close to 40 points

1986 NFC Wild Card Playoff. Don Criqui & Bob Trumpy. Redskins beat Rams

1986 AFC Wild Card Playoff. Mel Proctor. Jets beat Chiefs

1986 NFC Div. Playoff. Bearscasters. Redskins beat Bears

1986 AFC Div. Playoff in double OT. Tom Davis & Stan White. Browns beat Jets. $14.95

1986 AFC Div. Playoff. Mel Proctor & Dave Rhodes. Broncos beat Pats

1986 NFC Div. Playoff. Don Criqui & Bob Trumpy. Giants bomb the 49ers

1986 AFC Title Game in OT. Mel Proctor. Broncos beat Browns $14.95

1987 Gator Bowl. Tom Davis & Dave Rowe. LSU beats South Carolina

1987-Sept.5. Okla. netw. Oklahoma beats North Texas State, 69-14

1987-Sept.12. ‘Bamacasters. Alabama beats Penn State

1987-Sept.13. Van Miller. Jets beat Bills in Buffalo.

1987-Oct.10. Howard David. Columbia loses 35 in a row to break the all time NCAA consecutive loss record held by Northwestern. Columbia at Princeton

1987-Oct.31. Okla. Netw. The Sooners beat the Kansas Jayhawks, 71-10

1987-Nov.7. Gator network.  Georgia beats Florida in Gainesville

1987 The OT AFC Wild Card Playoff Game. Dick Stockton & Pat Haden. Oilers beat Seahawks

1987 NFC Wild Card Playoff Game. Messrs. Buck & Stram. Opening kickoff missing. Vikes beat Saints

1987 NFC Div.Playoff. Bearscasters. Redskins beat Bears . Payton’s & Fencik’s finales.

1987 NFC Div. Playoff. Jim Nance & Pat Haden. Redskins beat Bears. Payton’s &Fencik’s finales.

1987 AFC Div. Playoff. Jim Nance & Pat Haden. Browns beat Colts

1987 NFC Div. Playoff. In S.F., the 11 point underdog Vikes beat the 49ers

1987 AFC Div.Playoff Game. Messrs. Buck & Stram. Broncos beat Oilers

1987 NFC Title Game. Messrs. Buck & Stram. Redskins beat Vikes

1987 AFC Title Game. Dick Stockton & Pat Haden. Broncos beat Browns

1988 Fiesta Bowl. Joel Meyers & Dan Devine. Florida State beats Nebraska

1988 Aloha Bowl. WSU net. Wash.State’s 1st Bowl win in 73 years. They beat Houston.

1988-Sept.4. Sea. Network. Opener. Seahawks upset the Broncos

1988-Oct.8. Wash. Netw. Huskies beat Arizona State Sun Devils

1988-Nov.19. Barry Tompkins. Washington State beats Washington

1988-Dec.18.Barry Tomkins. Seahawks win their first Div. Title versus L.A.Raiders

1988-Dec.26 NFC Wild Card Playoff In Minn. Vikes beat the Rams

1988 AFC Div. Playoff. Brad Schram & Randy Rasmussen. Seahawks beat Bengals

1988 NFC Div. Playoff. Messrs. Buck & Stram. 49ers beat Vikes

1988 NFC Div. Playoff. Bearscasters. Bears beat Eagles

1988 AFC Div. Playoff. Brad Schram & Randy Rasmussen. Bills beat Oilers

1988 NFC Title Game. Bearscasters. 49ers beat Bears

1988 AFC Title Game. Jim Nance & Pat Haden. Bengals beat Bills

1988-Feb.The Pro Bowl in Honolulu. AFC beats NFC 15-6

1989 Freedom Bowl. Wash. netw. Emmitt Smith’s college finale. Huskies beat FL.

1989 Holiday Bowl. Tony Roberts. Penn State beats Brigham Young

1989-100 years of Iowa Football narrated by Jim Zabel. From 1889-1989

1989-Jan. Messrs. Buck & Stram. The Pro Bowl in Honolulu. NFC beats AFC 34-3

1989-Sept.9. Jim Fyffe. Auburn clobbers Univ. of the Pacific, 55-0

1989-Sept.9. Huskies’ network. Washington beats Texas A & M

1989-Sept.10. Tony Roberts and Jack Ham . Bears beat Bengals.

1989-Sept.16. Wash.netw. Huskies beat the Purdue Boilermakers

1989-Sept.17. Tony Roberts & Jack Ham. Like an 80 point or thereabout game? Eagles beat Redskins

1989-Sept.23. ‘Bamacasters. Alabama beats Kentucky

1989-Sept.24. Tony Roberts. Like a close to 90 point game? Buffalo beats Houston

1989-Sept.30. Wash.netw. Colorado wins one for the late Sal Aunese v. the Huskies

1989-Oct.14. Wash.netw. Huskies beat Oregon Ducks

1989-Oct.15. Wash. netw. Giants beat Redskins

1989-Oct.23. Eddie Doucette & Jack Snow. Giants beat Chargers in San Diego.

1989-Nov.18. The Apple Cup. WA. Netw. Washington beats Washington State

1989-Dec.23. Sea.netw. The great Steve Largent’s last game. Wash.beats Seattle

1989-Dec.25.Howard David & Hank Stram. The Vikes beat the Bengals to clinch the Division

1989 NFC Div. Playoff. Jim Nantz & Pat Haden. L.A.Rams beat Giants in NJ

1989 AFC Div. Playoff. KOA. Pittsburgh at Denver

1989 AFC Div. Playoff. Nantz & Haden. Cleveland beats Buffalo

1989 AFC Title Game. Broncocasters. Broncos beat Browns

1990 Rose Bowl. Joel Meyers. “Bo”Schembeckler’s finale as USC beats Michigan

1990-Sept.8. Huskies’ netw. Washington beats San Jose State

1990-Sept.15. Tony Roberts. Notre Dame beats Michigan

1990-Oct.6. Huskies’ network. Washington beats Arizona State

1990-Oct.14. Lee Hamilton & Pat Currans. Chargers blow out the Jets in NJ

1990-Nov.10. Red Raiders’ network. Texas Tech beats Texas Christian

1990-Nov.17. Kevin Harlan & Conrad Dobler. Tennessee beats Ole Miss

1990-Nov.17. Red Raiders’ network. Texas Tech demolishes SMU by 55 points

1990 AFC Div.Playoff. Brad Nessler &Pat Haden. Bills beat Dolphins in a near 80 point game

1991 Freedom Bowl. Joel Myers & Jack Snow. Tulsa beats San Diego State

1991 Peach Bowl. Tony Coritti? And Lehman Bennett. East Carolina beats N.C. State

1991 Cotton Bowl. John Rooney. Florida beats Texas by more than 40 points

1991-Sept.21. In Beaver Stadium, Penn State beats Brigham Young University.

1991-Oct.12. Bill Teegins. Nebraska beats Oklahoma State

1991-Nov.9. Tony Roberts. Tennessee,trailing by 24, rallies to beat Notre Dame

1991-Nov.9. Bill Teegins. Colorado beats Oklahoma State in a thriller!

1991-Nov.16. Sooners’ netw. Oklahoma beats Oklahoma State

1991-Nov.23. Cyclonecasters. Colorado beats Iowa State

1991-Nov.30.Techcasters. Nearly 100 pts.scored. Texas Tech beats Houston. $14.95

1991-Dec.7. Tony Roberts. 9 point underdog Navy beats Army

1991-Dec.29. Gator Bowl. VA. Netw. Oklahoma beats Virginia

1991 NFC Wild Card Playoff. Bearscasters. Cowboys beat Bears

1991 NFC Wild Card Playoff. Messrs. Buck & Stram. Falcons beat Saints

1991 AFC Wild Card Playoff. Messrs. Buck and Stram. Oilers beat Jets

1991 AFC Title Game. Howard David & Pat Haden. Bills beat Broncos

1991 NFC Title Game. Buck and Stram. Redskins beat up the Lions

1992 Cotton Bowl.  John Rooney. Florida State beats Texas A & M

1992 Sugar Bowl. Pat Sheridan and Jack Ham. Notre Dame beats FLA.

1992-Sept.25. Jim Hawthorne. Texas A&M beats LSU

1992-Sept.27. N.O. netw. SF 49ers beat the N.O.Saints

1992-Oct.11. Saints netw. Saints beat LA Rams in the Super Dome

1992-Oct.17. K.U. netw. Kansas beats Iowa State in a near 100 point game

1992-Oct.18. Saints netw. Saints beat Cards in Tempe

1992-Oct.31. Tulane netw. Memphis State trounces Tulane

1992-Nov.1. Saints netw. Saints beat Bucs in the Super Dome

1992-Nov.7. LSUcasters. Alabama beats LSU

1992-Dec.5.Ron Franklin.Alabama wins 22nd in a row beating Florida in 1st SEC Title Game. It ends with 0:57 left on the clock. No scoring takes place.

1992-Dec.13. Howard David & Pat Haden. Packers beat Oilers in Houston

1992-Dec.26. Saints netw. Saints stifle the Jets at the Meadowlands

1992-The unforgettable OT Wild Card playoff. Van Miller. Bills beat Oilers

1992 AFC Div. Playoff. Howard David & Pat Haden. Bills beat Steelers

1992 NFC Wild Card Playoff. N.O.netw. Eagles beat Saints

1993 Cotton Bowl. Tony Roberts. Notre Dame beats Texas A & M

1993 Orange Bowl. Chuck Kupersteen. Tom Osbourne’s finale. Neb. beats  Tenn.

1993 Sugar Bowl. Harry Kalas. Alabama wins the Nat’l Championship v. Miami

1993 Alamo Bowl. Jim Zabel. California Golden Bears beat Iowa Hawkeyes

1993-Sept.5. KC network. Joe Montana’s K.C. debut as Chiefs beat Bucs in T.B.

1993-Nov.20. Tony Roberts. Boston College beats Notre Dame

1993-Nov.20. Tech netw. Texas Tech goes to the Sun Bowl by beating Houston

1993-Nov.25. Aggies’ netw. Tex. A&M beats Texas to go to the Cotton Bowl

1993 Wisconsin Badgers’ Highlights. A recap of their Rose Bowl Championship year!

1994 Alamo Bowl. Frank Fallon. Wash. State beats Baylor

1994 Holiday Bowl. Tex.Tech.netw. Red Raiders beat Univ. of California

1994-Sept.4. Gil Santos &John Cappelletti. Miami beats N.E. in a high scoring opening game

1994-Sept. 10. Tony Roberts. Michigan beats Notre Dame

1994-Sept.10. Aggies’ network. Texas A&M beats Oklahoma

1994-Sept.18.Howard David & John Dockery. KC,with Montana, beat the Falcons

1994-Oct.8. BC network. Boston College beats Notre Dame

1994-Oct.15. Jim Fyffe. Auburn beats Florida for their 18th straight victory

1994-Oct.15. Aggies’ network.  Texas A & M beats Baylor at Kyle Stadium

1994-Nov.3. BC network. Boston College beats Louisville

1994-Nov.6. Howard David & Pat Haden. KC, with Montana, beat the Raiders

1994-Nov.24. The late great Frank Fallon calls Baylor football against Texas

1995-Sept.2. Tony Roberts and Tom Pagna. Northwestern beats Notre Dame

1995-Sept.2. KY network. Louisville beats Kentucky

1995-Sept.9. Tony Roberts. Despite Mike Alstott, Notre Dame beats Purdue

1995-Sept.17. Bob Papa & Dick Lynch. Packers beat Giants in GB.

1995-Sept.23. Tony Roberts. ND beats Texas in an 80+ point game

1995-Oct.1. SD network. In Pitt., the Steelers beat the Chargers

1995-Oct.14. Tony Roberts. At Giants Stadium, Notre Dame beats Army.

1995-Oct.21. Tony Roberts. Notre Dame upsets USC

1995-Nov.12.Jax network. Sea. beats J’ville in a close to- an- 80 point game

1995-Dec.3. Patscasters. Saints beat Patriots in Foxboro.

1995-Dec.17.Brownscasters. The finale at Municipal Stadium. Browns beat Bengals

1995 Wild Card AFC playoff. Buck & Stram. Colts beat Chargers

1995 NFC Title Game. GB netw. Cowboys beat Packers

1996 Aloha Bowl. Tony Roberts. Navy beats California

1996-Sept.21. Tony Roberts. Notre Dame beats Texas with Priest Holmes

1996-Nov.9. Huskercasters. Nebraska beats Mizzou by more than 40 points

1996-Dec.7. Tony Roberts. Army beats Navy

1996 AFC Wild Card Playoff. John Rooney. The Jaguars beat the Bills to become the first ever 2nd year team to ever win an NFL playoff game.

1996 AFC Div.Champ.Game. Brad Sham. Jaguars beat Broncos

1996 NFC Title Gm. Howard David & Matt Millen. Packers beat Carolina

1996 AFC Title Game. Brad Sham & Pat Haden. N.E. beats Jax. Last 2 minutes missing but no scoring takes place

1997-Sept.6. Tony Roberts & Tom Pagna. Notre Dame beats Georgia Tech

1997-Oct.4. Badgers’ network. Wisconsin beats Northwestern

1997-Nov.16. GB netw. Indy Colts beat GB in a VERY high  scoring game

1997-Nov.22. Wyo. network. Fresno State beats Wyoming

1997-Dec.21. Jetscasters. Barry Sanders runs for a 2000+ yd.season as Lions beat Jets to go to the AFC playoffs.

1998 Independence Bowl. Jim Dale. Ole Miss beats Texas Tech

1998-Sept.5. TCUcasters. Texas Christian beats Iowa State

1998-Sept.20. Bill Hillgrove & Myron Cope. Dolphins beat Steelers

1998-Oct.25. Gary Bender &Jack Snow. 49ers beat St.L.Rams

1998-Nov.5. Horned Frog network. T.C.U. beats Iowa State

1998-Nov.27. Texas netw. Ricky Williams rewrites NCAA history v. Tex. A&M

1998 Wild Card AFC playoff. Howard David & John Dockery. Miami beats Buffalo.

1998 Wild Card AFC playoff. Tony Roberts & Rick Walker. Jaguars beat Patriots

1998 Wild Card NFC playoff. John Rooney & Matt Millen. Arizona beats Dallas

1998 AFC Div.playoff. Joel Meyers & Jack Ham. Broncos beat Dolphins

1998 AFC Div.Playoff. Tony Roberts & John Dockery. Jets beat Jaguars in NJ

1998 AFC Div. Playoff. Joel Meyers & Jack Ham. Broncos beat Dolphins

1999 Sugar Bowl. Harry Kalas. Ohio State beats Texas A&M

1999 Rose Bowl. Charlie Steiner. Wisconsin beats UCLA

1999-Sept.12. Pete Arbogast. The Tenn.Titans’ first game in which they beat Cinc.

1999-Oct.31. Brownscasters. In N.O., the Browns beat the Saints

1999 AFC Title Game. Joel Meyers and Bob Trumpy. Titans shock the Jaguars

2000 Rose Bowl. Charlie Steiner. Wisconsin beats Stanford

2000 Fiesta Bowl.Steve Levy & Todd Christensen. Nebraska beats Tenessee

2000 Cotton Bowl. Texas netw. Arkansas beats Texas

2000 Gallery Furniture Dotcom Bowl. Tech.netw. East Carolina beats Texas Tech

2000-Sept.10. Cinc.netw.Browns beat Bengals in the 1st game at Paul Brown Stadium.

2000-Sept.10. Merrill Reese. Giants beat Eagles in Philadelphia

2001 Alamo Bowl. Tech.netw. Iowa beats Texas Tech

2001-Sept.30.Scott Garceau & Tom Matte. Ravens beat Broncos in Denver

2001-Dec.30.Jetscasters. The 2-12 Bills upset the Jets.

2001-NFC Div. Playoff. Joel Meyers & “Boomer” Esiason . Eagles beat Bears at Soldier Field

2001- AFC Playoff. Howard David. Steelers, at home, beat the Ravens

2001-AFC Playoff. Howard David & Dave Jennings. The Raiders, in Oakland, defeat the Jets.

2001 AFC Title Game. Joel Meyers & Bob Trumpy. At Pittsburgh, the Patriots defeat the Steelers.

2002 Rose Bowl. Ron Franklin. Miami beats Nebraska

2002 Tangerine Bowl. Tech netw. Texas Tech beats Clemson

2002-Sept.8. Hou. and Dall. Netw. Hou. Texans win their very first game!  At Reliant Stadium versus Dallas

2002-Oct.27. Dall.netw. Vs.Seattle, Emmitt Smith sets the new NFL career rushing record.

2002-Nov.2. Tech netw. Texas Tech blasts Baylor

2002-Dec.28.NYG netw. In NJ, Giants beat Eagles in OT to get a playoff berth.

2002-Dec.29.NJJ netw. In NJ,Jets beat Packers 42-17 to win the AFC East

2002 AFC WC Playoff. NYJetscasters. Jets bomb Colts 41-0.
2002 AFC Wild Card playoff. Browns’ network. Steelers beat Browns in a thriller

2002-NFC Wild Card game in S.F. NY netw. 49ers rebound after a 24 pt. Deficit to beat the Giants 39-38.

2002-AFC Div.Playoff. NY netw. Raiders end the Jets’ season with this 30-10 victory in Oakland.

2002 AFC Div. Playoff. Joel Meyers & Warren Moon. Titans beat Steelers

2002 NFC Title Game. Joel Meyers & Bob Trumpy. Bucs beat Eagles to advance to the Super Bowl.

2002 AFC Title Game. Marv Albert. Raiders beat Titans to advance to Super Bowl.

2003 Fiesta Bowl for the Nat’l Title. One of the all time college great games!  Ron Franklin. In double OT, Ohio State beats the Univ. of Miami

2003 Houston Bowl. Tech netw. Texas Tech beats Navy

2003 Cotton Bowl. Texas netw. Texas beats LSU

2003 Orange Bowl. Dave Barnett. USC beats Iowa

2003-Oct.4. Dan Jensen. Texas Tech trounces Texas A & M

2003-Oct.6. Marv Albert. The biggest MNF comeback ever! Indianapolis beats Tampa Bay

2004 Sugar Bowl. Ron Franklin. LSU beats Oklahoma

2004 Cotton Bowl. Brad Sham. Ole Miss, with Eli Manning, beats Okla. State

2004 Peach Bowl. Bill Rosinski. Miami beats Univ. of Florida

2004-Sept.18. Tech network. Texas Tech beats TCU, 70-35

2004-Oct.10. Tech. netw. The worst loss in Nebraska history. Texas Tech 70-Neb. 10

2004-Nov.26. Brad Sham. Texas beats Tex. A&M to go to the Rose Bowl

2004-Dec.18.NYG netw. The Steelers at Giants win their 12th straight for the 1st time in their franchise history.

2004 NFC Div. Playoff. Joel Meyers &Bob Trumpy. Eagles beat Vikes

2004 AFC Div. Playoff. Bob Papa and “Doc”Walker. Patriots  beat Indy Colts

2004 NFC Title Game. Joel Meyers &Bob Trumpy. Eagles beat Falcons

2005 Cotton Bowl. Brad Sham. Tennessee beats Texas A & M

2005 Peach Bowl. Bill Rosinski. LSU beats Miami

2005 Sugar Bowl. Mark Jones & Bob Davey. Auburn beats Virginia Tech

2005 Alamo Bowl. John Tautges. Nebraska beats Michigan
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