Boxing Broadcasts

1934-June 6. Graham McNamee.Max Baer floors Primo Carnera 11 times to win the Heavyw. Title

1935-June 13. Graham McNamee. James Braddock upsets Max Baer to win the Heavyw. Title. This was the basis
                        for the film "Cinderella Man" with Russell Crowe playing Braddock.

On side 1:1935-Sept.24. Joe Louis v. Max Baer (and) on side 2: 1938-June 22. Joe Louis destroys Max Schmeling in round 1 of their second match

On one tape: Fight previews of Louis-Schmelling 2(1938) & Louis-Conn (1941); segments of Rocky's last fight Marciano v. Moore and Louis v. Wolcott of 12/5/47 with round 1 missing.

1937-June 22. Joe Louis K.O.s James J.Braddock to become World Heavyweight Champion

1938-Mar 17. Henry Armstrong beats Lou Ambers to become the first to ever hold three titles.

1939-Sept.15.Sam Taub &Bill Stern. Reputed to be the dirtiest bout ever! Tony Galento v.Lou Nova

1948-June 25. Joe Louis v. Joe Wolcott

1936-June 22. Max Schmeling's stunning upset by knocking out Joe Louis

On one tape: 8/18/36. Joe Louis v. Jack Sharkey (and) 2/22/57 Carmen Basilio v. Johnny Saxton

1937-Aug.27. Clem McCarthy &Ed Hill. Joe Louis v. Britain’s Heavyw. Champ., Tommy Farr

1938-May.31.Sam Taub & Bill Stern.   Barney Ross v. Henry Armstrong

1939-Feb.10. Bill Conn v. Fred Apostoli

1939-June 28. Bill Stern &Gabriel Heatter. Joe Louis v. Tony Galento

1939-Nov.17. Sam Taub & Bill Stern. Billy Conn v. Gus Lesnevich

1940-Dec.16. Sam Taub &Bill Stern. Joe Louis v. Al McCoy

1940-Mar.29. Sam Taub &Bill Stern. Pre-fight hype program and then Joe Louis v. Johnny Paycheck

1940-July.2. Sam Taub &Bill Stern. Max Baer v. Tony Galento

1940-Jan.5. Sam Taub &Bill Stern. 1st brutal match between Fred Apostoli v. Emilio Bettina

1940-Feb.2. Sam Taub &Bill Stern. 2nd brutal match between Fred Apostoli v. Emilio Bettina

1940-Feb.9. Joe Louis v. Arturo Godoy

On one tape:1/30/41:Joe Louis v. Red Burman (and) 3/1/58. Paoli Rossi v.Johnny Gonzalez

1941-Mar.21. Joe Louis v. Abe Simon

1946-June 19. Joe Louis's and Billy Conn's second match

1948-July 12. Russ Hodges calls the Lightweight Title Fight between Ike Williams and Beau Jack

1949-July 25. Ezzard Charles v. Joe Louis

1950-Sept.27. Joe Louis v. Ezzard Charles

1951-Feb.14. Sugar Ray Robinson v. Jake LaMotta

1951-May 18. Kid Gavilan v. Johnny Bratton

1951-July 18. In Forbes Field, Charles v. Wolcott for the Heavyweight Title

1951-Aug.29 For the World¹s Welterweight Championship. Kid Gavilan v. Billy Graham. Their 3rd bout.

1951-Oct.26. Rocky Marciano K.O.s Joe Louis

1951-Dec.7. Lightweights. Paddy DeMarco v. Sandy Saddler in a BRUTAL N.Y. match

1951-Dec.12. At the Cow Palace,S.F., Ezzard Charles v. Joey Maxim in their 5th match

1951-Dec.14. "Kid" Gavilan v. Walter Cartier

1952-Feb.14. Rocky Marciano v. Lee Savold

1952-March 26. Chuck Davey v. Ike Williams

1952-May.2 Sugar Ray Robinson v. Rocky Graziano

1952-May 21. Jake LaMotta v. Eugene Hairston

1952-June 11. Jake LaMotta v. Irish Bob Murphy

On one cassette:5/16/55 Rocky Marciano v. Don Cockell (and) Rocky Graziano v. Tony Janiro

On one tape:9/17/54 Ezzard Charles v. Marciano (and) 4/14/50
Discussion:Should Boxing Be Abolished?

1955-Sept.21. Rocky Marciano v. Archie Moore

1956-Jan 11. Bob Satterfield v. John Holman

1956-Sept.19. Kenny Lane v. Ludwig Lightburn

1956-Nov.30. Floyd Patterson v. Archie Moore

1957-Jan.9. Wayne Bethea v. Zora Folley

1957-Mar.6. Chicago Golden Gloves. 30th Annual Western Golden Gloves finals.

1958-Apr.3. Sonny Liston v. Bert Whitehurst

On one tape: The Patterson-Johansson fights of 6/26/59 and 6/20/60

1959-Aug.28. Carmen Basilio v. Gene Fullmer

On one tape. The Patterson-Liston fights of 9/25/62 and 7/22/63

1964-Feb.25. Cassius Clay UPSETS Sonny Liston

1982-Nov.26. TV audio. Howard Cosell disassociates himself from pro boxing as Larry Holmes massacres Tex Cobb.

1965-May 25. The Clay-Liston re-match in Maine

1958-Mar.25 Carmen Basilio v. Sugar Ray Robinson

1978-June 9. TV audio with Howard Cosell and a lot of pre-fight hype by Muhammed Ali. Larry Holmes decisions Ken Norton

1979-Nov.30. For the Welterweight Title. Wilfred Benitez v. Sugar Ray Leonard

1979-Nov.30. For the Middleweight Title. Vito Antufermo v. Marvin Hagler

1971-Nov.17. Muhammad Ali v. Buster Mathis

1966-Mar.29. 7-1 underdog,George Chuvalo, gives Cassius Clay the fight of his life.

1961-Mar. 18. The third Patterson-Johansson match

1970-Sept.15. Floyd Patterson v. Charlie Green

On one tape: 11/22/65 Cassius Clay v. F.Patterson (and) Sept.72 Wild Interview called "Don't Call Me Cassius Clay".

1980-The wild 75 min. pre-fight Ali-Holmes press conference at Caesar's Palace

1981-June 12. Holmes v. Spinks

1967-Feb.6. Muhammad Ali v. Ernie Terrell

1972-Feb.11. Floyd Patterson v. Oscar Bonavena

1970: On one tape: A History of the Heavyweights (and) Joe Frazier v. Jimmy Ellis

1978-Feb.15. Leon Spinks defeats Muhammad Ali

1978-Sept.15. Spinks-Ali fight #2.

1957-July 29. Floyd Patterson v. Hurricane Jackson

1971-Mar 8. Joe Frazier v. Muhammad Ali

On one tape:1/17/41:Fritzi Zivic v. Henry Armstrong (and) 12/18/42: Beau Jack v. Tippy Larkin

1981-Apr.11. Larry Holmes v. Trevor Berbick

1956-Feb.22. IBC Heavyweights. Eddie Machen v. Julio Maderas

1956-Oct.3. IBC Welterweights. Hector Constance v. Jimmy Beecham

1956-Mar.21 IBC Welterweights. Hector Constance at Virgil Aikens

On 1 tape: 6/27/56. Carmello Costa v. Ike Chestnut (and) Patty Young v. Chuck Speiser

1957-Jan.23. Carlos Ortiz v. Bobby Rodgers

1956-May 16. Johnny Saxton v. Gil Turner

1956-June 13. Joey Giambra v. John L. Sullivan

1957-Feb.13. Joe Brown v. Wallace Smith

1956-May 30. Willie Pastrano v. Chuck Speiser

1956-July 18. Spider Webb v. Holly Mims

1956-Sept.12. Johnny Saxton v. Carmen Basilio

1956-Aug.29. Spider Webb v. Rory Calhoun

1957-Feb.20. Willie Pastrano v. John Holman

1956-July 4. Maurice Harper v. Joe Marselli

1956-Feb.6. Randy Sandy v. Joey Giardello

1956-Feb.15. Bobby Boyd v. Eduardo Lause

On 1 tape:1/30/57 Kenny Lane v. Frankie Riff (and) 11/28/56 Chuck Speiser v. Willie Hepner

1956-Dec.5. Eddie Machen v. John Summerland

1956-Sept.26. Bob Baker v. Tommy "Hurricane" Jackson

1956-May 2. Wallace Smith v. Joe Brown

1956-Feb.29. John Holman v. Joe Rohan

1956-Mar.7. John L.Sullivan v. Jack LaBua

1957-Apr.27. Rory Calhoun v. Charlie Cotton

1956-Dec.12. Carmello Costa v. Paul Jorgensen

1956-May 9. John Holman v. Bob Baker

1956-June 6. Bobby Boyd v. Milo Savage

1956-July 11. Eddie Machen v. Nino Valdez

1956-Feb.23. Johhny Summerland v. Harold Carter

1956-Oct.10. Spider Webb v. Charlie Cotton

1956-Nov.14. Kenny Lane v. Frankie Riff

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