Historical Broadcasts

1894-1911. American music off  Edison wax cylinders

1908- 11 Campaign Speeches by Dem. William Jennings Bryan

1908- 14 Campaign Speeches by Republican William Howard Taft

1912- Six campaign speeches by Woodrow Wilson

1912- Seven campaign speeches by Pres. William Howard Taft

1912-Eight campaign speeches by “Bull Moose Party” Teddy Roosevelt

1917-1919- Twenty-four World War One Speeches. Eighty minutes

1918-1920 – Eight speeches by Warren G. Harding

1920s- Four short speeches by Mass. Governor Calvin Coolidge

1920s –Three short speeches by Dem. Candidate James Cox

1925-Mar.4. Calvin Coolidge’s Inaugural Address

1931-1932: 3 speeches by Pres.Herbert Hoover as the Great Depression deepens

1933-March 4. President Roosevelt’s 1st Inaugural Address

1933-May 7. FDR’s 2nd “Fireside Chat”

1935-Apr.28. FDR’s 7th “Fireside Chat”

1936-1965. Kentucky Derby radio calls

1936-June 27. FDR accepts Dem. Nomination for a 2nd term

1936-Sept.8. FDR’s 8th “Fireside Chat.” Agriculture

1936-Oct.31. At MSG, FDR asks for a 2nd term as election approaches

1937-Mar.9. FDR’s 9th “Fireside Chat.” Packing the Supreme Court

1937-Apr.11. An address by Father Charles Coughlin

1937-Jan.20. FDR’s 2nd Inaugural Address

1937-Oct.5. FDR’s “Quarantine” speech in Chicago

1937-Oct.12. FDR’s 10th “Fireside Chat.” On new legislation.

1938-1945-Walter Winchell’s 4 broadcasts and CBS’s “World News Roundup” of Mar.12,1938 reporting on the Austrian Anschluss.

1938-March. Worldwide Radio Reports the Anschluss of Austria to Nazi Germany

1938-Sept. Worldwide Radio Reports the Munich Conference i.e. annexation of the Czech Sudetenland to Nazi Germany

1938-Dec.4. Father Couglin’s WMCA radio program entitled,”Jew, Christian and Persecution”

1939-Feb.18. Isolationist William Randolph Hearst opposes President Roosevelt

1939-Aug.28. CBS reports on how close Europe is coming to war

1939-Sept.3. WAR in Europe! FDR’s 14th “Fireside Chat”

1939-1942. “The World Today” World War II news programs

1940s and ‘50s. Hollywood gossip columnists Louella Parsons and Hedda Hopper

1940. The audio of Frank Capra's film,"Why We Fight:The Battle of Britain." 50 mins.

1940-May 26. EUROPE IN FLAMES! FDR’s 15th “Fireside Chat”

1940s- “The Birth of the B29 Super Fortress”

1940-June 10. Italy enters the war. FDR addresses it at Univ. of VA.

1940-July 8. CBS war and domestic newscast

1940-July 19. FDR accepts nomination for 3rd term

1940-July 23 & 27. “The World Today” European war reports

1940-Aug.6. CBS’s morning war news. England expects German invasion

1940-Oct.20. Radio play. “Strike Up the Band” starring Judy Garland & Mickey Rooney

1940-Nov.5 &6. News on the Roosevelt-Wilkie election now under way

1940-Dec.2. Lux Radio Theater presents “Knute Rockne All American”

1940-Dec.23. Churchill’s address to the Italians living under the boot of Mussolini

1940-Dec.29. “ARSENAL OF DEMOCRACY.” FDR’s 16th “Fireside Chat”

1941 & 1942. Judy Garland on the radio

1941-Mar.15. FDR’s “Lend Lease” speech

1941-May 23. Charles Lindbergh speaks at an America First rally at Madison Square Garden

1941-November. Radio play. “Babes in Arms” with Judy Garland

1941-Dec.7. Pearl Harbor newscasts beginning with the bulletin of the attack

1942-Radio show entitled “This Is Our Enemy:Nazi Youth”

1942-Feb.14. “This Is War” radio programs

1942-Aug.24. “The Women of Britain” dedicated to their excellent work on the homefront

1943-Feb.18. In German, the ENTIRE 1:49:00  "Totaler Krieg" speech by Josef Goebbels

1943-Admiral Radio’s “World News Today” war programs on Jan.9,July 25,Aug.8 and Aug.28

1943-Feb.8. China’s Madame Chiang Kai-shek,in perfect English, addresses Congress

1943-March 22. Radio play. “For Me and My Gal” starring Judy Garland

1943-Apr.26 &1/24/44.  Two radio versions of the immortal movie, “Casablanca”

1943-Oct.17. Douglas Edward’s “The World Today” war news program

1944-Aug.23. “Mail Call” radio show for GIs and saluting those from Rhode Island

1945-Aug.3-14. BBC accounts of the final days of World War II

1944-May 13. The Skelly Oil Company presents the news

1944-June 6. Don Hollenback gives the 4:30 PM D-Day Invasion news

1944-Sept.23. FDR’s famous,”They even attack my little dog Fala” speech

1944-Nov.6. 55 mins. The National Democratic Committee Program on eve of election

1945-Apr.16. Harry Truman addresses Congress for the 1st time as President (and) 9/1/45,he speaks to the public after the official unconditional surrender of Imperialist Japan

1945-May 1. HITLER IS DEAD. Reports by correspondents with the 1st,7th and 9th armies in Germany. Plus a statement by Count Bernadotte.

1945-“My Japan.” Newsreel audio of USA anti-Japanese propaganda.

1945-Aug.9. Harry Truman speaks about his recent appearance at the Potsdam Conference

1945-Sept.2. Complete 0:40:00 Japanese surrender ceremonies aboard the Battleship Missouri

1945-Oct.27. Pres. Truman’s Navy Day address in New York City

1946-Mar.4. Winston Chruchill’s famous “an Iron Curtain has descended” speech at Westminster College, Fulton,MO.

1946-Dec.8. Dean Acheson speaks about European post-war reconstruction

1947-Mar.12. Pres. Truman announces “The Truman Doctrine” to stave off Red expansion in Europe

1947-June 5. The Marshall Plan Speech at Harvard

1947-June 29. Harry Truman becomes 1st President to speak before the NAACP

1947-July 7.CBS radio’s  “You Are There.” The assassination of Abraham Lincoln"

1948-July 15. Pres.Truman's acceptance speech at the Democratic Convention (and) 1/20/49 Pres. Truman's Inaugural Address after his victory over Thomas Dewey.

1948-Oct.19. Pres. Truman’s campaign speech in Raleigh, NC

1948-Oct.27. Pres. Truman’s campaign speech in Boston

1948-Oct.30. Pres.Truman’s campaign speech in Saint Louis

1949-Apr.18. Arthur Godfrey’s “Talent Scouts” with contestant Lenny Bruce

1949-May. Edw.R.Murrow’s special report on the growing UFO controversy

1950-Apr.4. The Steve Allen radio program with guest, Eve Arden

1950-Apr.24. Arthur Godrey’s Talent Scouts

1949-May 22. “You Are There.” Don Hollenbeck’s 4/12/1861 firing on Fort Sumter

1950-Summer. Walter Winchell’s salute to Al Jolson

1950-Dec.25. Radio play. “Wizard of Oz” starring Judy Garland

1951-Alan Freed’s WJW “Moondog Show.” The very beginning of the rock ‘n’
roll phenomenon

1951-Apr.19. Gen.MacArthur’s stirring farwell address to Congress.”Old Soldiers Never Die…”

1951-June 25.Pres. Truman speaks on the 1st Anniversary of the Korean War

1951-Aug.24. Sen.Jos.McCarthy attacks President Truman

1952-2004. Presidential Election Political Advertisements

1952 Democratic Convention. Adlai Stevenson accepts the Pres.Nomination

1952-July 4. Sen.John Kennedy reads the Declaration of Independence

1952-Sept.23. Senator Richard Nixon's "Checkers" speech.

1952-Oct.24. Rep. Nominee Dwight Eisenhower attacks Pres. Truman’s handling of the Korean War and pledges to go there if elected.

1953-Dec.8 “Ike” address the United Nations on “Atoms for Peace”

1953-Jan.15. President Truman’s farewell address to the nation

1953-Apr.16. “Ike’s” CROSS OF IRON speech after Stalin’s death

1953-Nov.24. Jos. McCarthy attacks Harry Truman and his followers.

1954-Mar.9. “See It Now” audio of Edward R/Murrow taking on Joseph McCarthy. The entire program of which only clips are seen in “Good Night and Good Luck”

1954-Mar.17. Jos.McCarthy speaks to the Irish Fellowship Club, Chicago

1954-Apr.6. McCarthy angrily rebuts Murrow on “See It Now.” 0:30:00

1954-June 9. The heated McCarthy-Welch exchange at the Army-McCarthy Hearings

1955-Feb.12. Alan Freed’s rock and roll party on WINS, New York

1955-Mar.23. 0:27:00 The Alan Freed Program on WINS. Songs, in their ENTIRETY, are not heard

1956 Democratic Convention. Adlai Stevenson’s accepts the Pres. Nomination

1956 Republican Convention. Pres.Eisenhower accepts the Pres. Nomination

1957-Jan.5. “Ike’s” “Eisenhower Doctrine” speech on the Middle East

1957-Jan.25. 0:18:00 Alan Freed’s “After School Rock Program.”

1958-Feb.5. The Long John Nebel program about UFOs

1959-Apr.20. Fidel Castro addresses, in English, the  Harvard  School of Law

1960s. BIG BAD BAWDY BLOOPERS off WTIC, Hartford.

1960-1970. A “Dawnbusters” program off American Forces Viet Nam radio

1960-May 12. TV audio. 40 mins. The Frank Sinatra Timex Show with Elvis. Frank and guests
                                                 welcome Elvis back after his time in the military.

1960-Sept.26. The first Nixon-Kennedy debate

1960-Oct.7. The 2nd Nixon-Kennedy debate

1960-Oct.13. The 3rd Nixon-Kennedy debate

1960-Oct.21. The 4th Nixon-Kennedy debate

1960 Democratic Convention. John Kennedy accepts the Pres. Nomination

1960 Republican Convention. Henry Cabot Lodge accepts the V.P. nomination

1960 Republican Convention. Richard Nixon accepts the Pres. Nomination

1961-Jan.17. Pres. Eisenhower’s farewell address to the nation

1961-Jan.20. Pres.Kennedy's Inaugural Address

1961-Apr.20. JFK explains to the nation the Bay of Pigs failure

1961-Apr.27. JFK addresses the American Newspapers Publishers Association

1961-June 20. Adolf Eichmann’s defense at his war crimes trial in Israel

1961-Nov.16. JFK speaks at the Univ. of Washington’s 100th anniversary

1961-Nov.26. Walter Cronkite’s in depth interview with ex-Pres. Eisenhower

1962-Feb.7. Pres. Kennedy’s press conference
1962-Feb.20. John Glenn aboard Friendship 7. The first American to
orbit earth. A fantastically described adventure as Glenn transmits his impressions while orbiting.

1962-May 12. Gen MacArthur’s “DUTY,HONOR,COUNTRY” speech at West Point

1962-May 19. JFK’s Birthday Bash at Madison Square Garden as Marilyn Monroe serenades him.

1962-June 11. JFK’s Yale Commencement Address

1962-Aug.7. 0:33:00 A WABC radio “Dan Ingram Flingram” program

1962-Sept.12. At Rice Univ.,JFK speaks about the nation’s space effort

1962-Sept. Private phone conversations between JFK +RFK and Miss. Gov.Ross Barnett concerning the barred enrollment of James Meredith in Ole Miss.

1962-Oct.22. Pres. Kennedy addresses the nation on the Cuban Missile Crisis

1962-Nov.7. “You Won’t Have Nixon to Kick Around Anymore” speech

1963-Jan.14. J.F.K's last State of the Union Address

1963-May 18. JFK’s Vanderbilt Convocation Address

1963-June 10. Pres.Kennedy’s American University Commencement Address

1963-June 11. Pres. Kennedy addresses the nation on Alabama Gov.Wallace’s refusal to allow entrance of black students to the University.

1963-July 26. Pres.Kennedy speaks about the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty

1963-Aug.28. Rev. Martin Luther King’s famous “I Have A Dream” speech

1963-Sept.23. JFK addresses the U.N.s 18th General Assembly

1963-Sept.21. Interviews with Lee Harvey Oswald and his wife Marina

1963-Sept.26. Pres.Kennedy speaks at the Mormon Tabernacle,S.L.C.,Utah

1963-Nov. Private phone call between LBJ and J.Edgar Hoover. 0:21:00

1963-Nov.13. V.P.Agnew blasts the TV news coverage of the Viet Nam War

1963-Nov.22. 0:45:00 WFAA Dallas live coverage,beginning 1:45 PM, of the JFK assassination

1963-Nov.23. Pres.Kennedy assassinated yesterday! NBC's analysis and discussion of the tragedy the morning after.

1963-1970 - 0:45:00 A Montage of  the WMCA “Good Guys”

1964-The G.O.P.Convention with speeches by "Ike", Bill Miller, Richard Nixon and Barry Goldwater.

1964-Election is drawing near and these political advertisements are all over television

1964 Democratic Convention. Lyndon Johnson accepts the Pres. Nomination

1964-Apr.8. Coverage of Gen. MacArthur being laid in state in the Capitol Rotunda

1964-June 10. WNEW’s Ted Brown program. 0:35:00

1964-Oct.27. Ronald Reagan’s address supporting Barry Goldwater

1964-Nov.27 Pres. Johnson's first address to the Joint Session of Congress after the JFK assassination (and) 1/8/64-LBJ's State of the Union Address

1965-WMCA’s B.Mitchel Reed and Joe O’Brien broadcasts

1965-Jan.20. The inauguration of President Lyndon Johnson

1965-Apr.7. LBJ’s “Peace Without Conquest” speech about Viet Nam

1966-1988. Kentucky Derby radio calls

1966-a 0:25:00 Scott Muni program

1966-“The Story of the F-105s in Viet Nam.” Newsreel audio.

1966-Feb.17. Gen Maxwell Taylor appears before a Senate Committee to answer question about out growing  involvement in Viet Nam. 0:60:00

1966-June. Pres. Johnson’s private phone conversations #1

1966-June. Pres. Johnson’s private phone conversations #2

1967-Oct.26. 0:45:00 Sen.Eugene McCarthy speaks at Berkeley

1967-Nov.30. Sen.Eugene McCarthy announces his candidacy for President

1967-Dec.3. Herbert Schirmer of the Nebraska Police discusses his abduction by aliens manning a UFO

1968-Mar.18. RFK’s speech on Viet Nam and domestic dissidence

1968-Mar.31. LBJ’s speech about not seeking office in the upcoming Nov. election

1968-May 3. 0:42:00 of KLIK Radio Lai Khe,South Viet Nam. Home of the “Big Red One”

1968-June 8. Sen.Ted Kennedy euologizes his slain brother Bobby

1968-June 12. Eugene McCarthy will seek the delegates of slain Bobby Kennedy

1968 Republican Convention. Spiro Agnew accepts the V.P. nomination

1968 Republican Convention. Richard Nixon accepts the Pres. Nomination

1968 Democratic Convention. Hubert Humphrey accepts the Pres. Nomination

1968 Democratic Convention. Edmund Muskie accepts the V.P. nomination

1968-Aug.3. Three addresses by Sen. Eugene McCarthy

1968-TV audio. Bob Hope’s Christmas Show from Long Binh , South Viet Nam

1968-The year in review aired on American Forces Viet Nam. One hour1969-1972. Compilation of  American Forces Thailand Network programs, part 2.

1969-July 20. Apollo 11. From liftoff to Neil Armstrong on the moon

1969-July 20. Neil Armstrong and "Buzz" Aldrin are set to and then become the first in history to walk on the moon. Over 1 hour of their & NASA's transmissions.

1969-Sept. WMCA DJ Frankie Crocker lives again!

1969-Oct.21. BIZZARE to say the least! WABC Deejay,Roby Yonge, is fired for intentionally and falsely announcing the death of Beatle Paul McCartney

1969-Oct.23. A one hour program from American Forces Viet Nam, Pleiku1969-The story of AFVN, broadcast over American Forces Viet Nam,Saigon

1969-Dec. 1. The Viet Nam draft officially begins. Birthdates are chosen randomly

1970s- The brilliance of the late Jean Shepherd, the Mark Twain of radio. Programs 1 and 2

1970-Apr.30. Pres.Nixon’s “Cambodian Incursion” speech

1970-June. A one hour broadcast from American Forces Viet Nam

1970-June 23. 0:75:00 American Forces Viet Nam, Nha Trang

1971-Apr.7. Pres.Nixon addresses the nation about our increased withdrawal from Vietnam followed by reactions to it by phone with Cabinet members.

1972-Mar.24. Pres. Nixon’s Press Conference

1972-June 6-July 1. Clandestine Nixon White House Tapes

1972-August.  0:40:00 of American Forces Viet Nam news and music from Saigon

1972 - 60 minutes of an actual broadcast from American Forces VietNam Radio,Saigon.

1972 Democratic Convention. George McGovern accepts the Pres. Nomination

1972 Democratic Convention. Tom Eagleton accepts the V.P. nomination

1972 Republican Convention. Pres. Nixon accepts the Pres. Nomination

1972 Republican Convention. V.P. Spiro Agnew accepts the V.P. nomination

1973-Jan.20. Richard Nixon’s 2nd Inaugural Address

1973-Jan.23. Pres.Nixon announces the end of the Viet Nam War

1973-Compilation of American Forces Thailand Network programs, part 1.

1973-Nov.20. So. California  DJ Dick Whittinghill lives again!

1974 - Jan.20. Pres. Nixons's last State of the Union Address. The spectre of Watergate is mentioned by him and he will NOT walk away from his job.

1974-Aug.8. Richard Nixon resigns and Gerald Ford is sworn in the next day at noon.

1974-Aug.12. Ford’s 1st speech to Congress as President

1974-Sept.8. Pres. Gerald Ford pardons Richard Nixon

1974-Oct.17. Pres. Ford called to explain the Nixon pardon.

1974-Dec.19. Nelson Rockefeller officially becomes Pres. Ford’s Vice President

1975-Apr.23. Pres. Ford’s “A War That Is Finished” speech

1975- The End of the Tunnel. The fall of South Viet Nam.

1975-August.   One hour of WNEW’s Gene Klavan

1975-Oct.29. ABC-TV’s Bill Beutel interviews, in the U.S.S.R., Joe Adamov of Radio Moscow and especially about his role as host of "Moscow Mailbag."

1976 Republican Convention. Pres.Gerald Ford accepts the Pres. Nomination

1976 Democratic Convention. Jimmy Carter accepts the Pres. Nomination

1977-Feb.2. Pres.Carter's first fireside chat(and)3/5/77,"Ask Pres. Carter."

1977-July 13. Radio reports of  the NYC BIG BLACKOUT and subsequent rioting and looting

1977-Aug.16. Elvis died today. Here is the WABC tribute to the King of Rock & Roll

1978- "The Men Who Made the Movies" featuring Raoul Walsh

1978- Race War in Rhodesia. The fight against Ian Smith's government.

1978-Nov.18. Jim Jones exhorts his followers to commit suicide

1978-Dec.15. Pres. Carter announces normalization of diplomatic relations with Red China.

1978-Dec.19. CBS's analysis of new Sino-American relations.

1980 Republican Convention. Ronald Reagan accepts the Pres. Nomination

1980 Democratic Convention. Pres. Jimmy Carter accepts the Pres. Nomination

1980-July 21. The WMCA “Good Guys” reunion

1983-Apr.27. Pres. Reagan address a Joint Session of Congress about the situation in Central America.

1983-Oct.3. Ted Kennedy’s address at Liberty College

1984-Jan.25. Pres. Reagan's State of the Union address.

1984 Republican Convention. George H.W.Bush accepts the V.P. nomination

1984 Democratic Convention. Walter Mondale accepts the Pres. Nomination

1984 Democratic Convention. Geraldine Ferraro accepts the V.P. nomination

1985-Feb.6. Pres. Reagan's State of the Union Address(and on side 2)the 10/22/62 Pres.Kennedy addres to the nation on the Cuban Missile Crisis

1987-June 12. Pres. Reagan’s famous speech from Berlin---”Tear Down this Wall, Mr. Gorbachev.”

1987-Sept. Sen.Ted Kennedy “works over” Judge Bork at Senate Confirmation Hearing

1988 Democratic Convention. Lloyd Bentsen accepts the V.P. nomination

1988 Democratic Convention. Michael Dukakis accepts the Pres. Nomination

1988 Republican Convention. V.P. George HW Bush accepts the Pres. Nomination

1989-May 31. Speaker of the House Jim Wright’s resignation speech

1989-July 10. Pres. George HW Bush addresses Poland’s  Parliament

1990-Aug.8. Pres. George H.W.Bush’s press conference on the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait

1991-Jan.16. TV audio. The beginning of Operation Desert Storm

1991-Jan.17. Israel is hit by Iraqi Scud missile attacks

1991-Feb.27-28. TV audio. The end of Operation Desert Storm

1991-Apr.16. Pres. George HW Bush’s press conference about the Iraqi Kurds

1992 Democratic Convention. Bill Clinton accepts the Pres. Nomination

1992 Democratic Convention. Al Gore accepts the V.P. nomination

1993-Mar.4. Jimmy Valvano’s courageous last speech

1994-June 17. The flight of O.J.Simpson sought by the LAPD for possible double homicide

1995-May 31. Steve Largent’s Football Hall of Fame induction speech

1997-Feb.28. LAPD tape. The North Hollywood Bank of America shootout

1999- 911 emergency calls to and responsed by the L.A.P.D.

1999-Jan.4. Minn. Gov. Jesse Ventura’s Inaugural Address

1999-Apr.20. The Columbine High School 911 emergency calls. Jeffco Sheriff's Department.  70 mins.

2001-Sept.11. 0:55:00 Metro DC Radio Traffic During the Attack on the Pentagon

2001-Sept.12. NYC TV audio. 3 hours of the morning after the 9/11 acts of war against the U.S.A.

2001-Sept.14. Rev. Billy Graham’s Speech about 9/11 in Washington,D.C.

2001-Sept.20. Pres. G.W. Bush addresses both houses of Congress just 9 days after the major terrorist attack on the United States

2002-Jan.29. Pres. G.W.Bush's State of the Union address emphasizing what we have done thus far in our fight against terrorism.

2002-Sept.11. The one year memorial services of the attack on the Pentagon

2002-Sept.12. Pres.GW Bush addresses the U.N. regarding the U.S. action against Iraq if U.N.inspectors fail. Tape includes responses to the address.

2003-Jan.28. President G.W.Bush's State of the Union Address

2003-March 17. Pres. Bush's ultimatum, at the U.N., to Saddam Hussein (and) 3/19/03 Military operations begin in Iraq(and) 5/1/03 Aboard the USS Lincoln, Pres. Bush announces the end of military action in Iraq.

2003-Feb.5. Sec. of State Colin Powell addresses the UN ,proving the existence of Saddam's weapons of mass destruction and why war against Saddam is necessary.

2004 Republican Convention. Dick Cheney accepts the V.P. nomination

2004 Republican Convention. The speech by Rudy Giuliani

2004 Republican Convention. Dem. “Give ‘Em Hell, Zell Miller” backs G.W. Bush

2004 Republican Convention. Pres. G.W.Bush accepts the Pres. Nomination

2004-July 27. Michael Moore’s “Take Back America” speech in Cambridge
2004 Democratic Convention. The speech by Barack Obama

2004-Sept.30. From Miami, the Bush-Kerry 1st debate. Foreign policy & homeland security.

2004-Oct.5. From Cleveland, V.P.Dick Cheney debates Sen. John Edwards

2005-June 13. Michael Jackson WALKS!

2005-May 16. Tom Brokaw gives the Emory University Commencement Address

2005-Apr.30. Laura Bush’s “DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES” speech to the White House Press Corp

2005-All about “Good Night and Good Luck”

2006-Jan.31. Pres.Bush’s State of the Union Address


Selection #1 of W.W.II audio cassettes. "THE LORDS OF TREASON." undoubtedly one of the rarest pieces of Axis sound propaganda still in existence. "Lord Haw Haw" & "Lord Hee Haw" broadcasting to England and North America in English from the Reichsender Hamburg in Nazi Germany. You'll hear the type of verbal infamy from these English and American traitorous rats that sent the former to the gallows and the latter to life imprisonment. Also included on this 90 minute cassette are Nazi English language war communiqués about their "successful" campaign in Russia as well as Japanese advances in the Pacific.

Selection #2. On one standard audio cassette. Six hours after German forces invaded Poland on 9/1/39, Hitler addresses the Reichstag to announce the "excuses" for opening armed hostilities. A MANIACAL harangue introduced by Hermann Goering with simultaneous English translation by Howard K. Smith. Bob Trout delivers bulletins concerning European reaction to the events.

Selection #3. On one cassette. Hitler enters Danzig on 9/19/39 to address the ecstatic throng of Volksdeutschen and Volksgenossen and introduced by the Nazi Gauleiter of that occupied city. English translation by Howard K.Smith. We hear the answer to Britain's and Frances's policy of appeasement under Chamberlain and Daladier. The west is stunned and paralyzed by early German military successes.

Selection # 4. Mussolini declares war on France and England,6/10/40 with Eng. language translations given. King George VI addresses England on 6/10/40. Chruchill addresses England on 6/22/41 as Germany invades the Soviet Union and analysis of that speech rendered by Edward R.Murrow and Elmer Davis. "Hitler has made the monumental mistake that will ultimately destroy him."

Selection # 5. CBS's "The World Today" in late 1941 regarding war clouds gathering over the Pacific. News of war in Europe and Africa. Pearl Harbor is attacked on Dec.7,1941. Our nation is shocked and dismayed but NOT DISCOURAGED! An in depth analysis of the treacherous attack and what our reaction will be as we are about to declare war on Imperial Japan.

Selection # 6. Part 1. (Fair to good audio) An interview in 1947 with the traitor "Tokyo Rose" and excerpts of her demoralizing broadcasts to our troops in the Pacific. Part 2:Elmer Davis's war new between 5/13/40-6/2/40 consisting of the surrender of Holland while France is nearing collapse.

Selection # 7. The rise and fall of Nazi Germany as refelcted in her martial music. Anthems, hymns etc. Also an excerpt from the Nuremberg Trials featuring the voices of the Nazi butchers who were soon to atone for their inhuman crimes. Singizer reports the news of 12/23/44(The Battle of the Bulge) and Vanderventer reports the news of 5/7/45(V.E.Day)

Selection # 8. Hollywood's Victory in Europe Program on 5/8/45 as stars of stage, screen and radio pay homage to the victorious allies. Charles Boyer, Pat O'Brien, Frank Sinatra and others. A STIRRING SALUTE!

Selection # 9. The STORY OF A DEMAGOGUE. Adolf Hitler and his brutal National Socialist Movement. An intriguing persepctive into a society gone mad. Contains much martial music as well as the voices of Hitler, Rudolf Hess, Hermann Goebbels, Otto Dietrich, Julius Streicher and Hans Frank. The Nazi era is exposed for the murder and mayhem it instigated and carried out.

Selection # 10. Elmer Davis and the war news from 9/15/39-9/21/39 followed by Elmer Davis from 10/2/39-10/7/39. Topics include Polish resistance against the Nazi onslaught. Warsaw falls and Hitler offers peace ON HIS TERMS.

Selection # 11. Elmer Davis's war news from 10/3/39-10/24/39. Elmer Davis's news from 10/29/39-11/15/39. Topics: Germany is receiving war supplies from a friendly non-combative Soviet Union. Controversy in America about OUR role as "neutral" observers to the approaching catastrophe in Europe. The "Phony War" settles in and Russia attacks Finland.

Selection # 12.Elmer Davis's war news from 11/30/39-12/20/39. Elmer Davis's news from 12/21/39-2/12/40. Details of the Russo-Finish War. An analysis of the brave Finnish resistance against insurmountable odds. Other world events from the period.

Selection # 13. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's State of the Union Address on 1/6/41. "Nazi and Japanese hegemony is spreading but we will keep out of it."F.D.R.'s "Fireside Chat" on 12/9/41. "We are now in it and we shall win no matter the sacrifice involved."

Selection # 14. Elmer Davis's war news from 7/16/40-9/2/40. Also his newscasts from 9/3/40-1/21/41. Topics: The Baltic States are annexed by the Soviet Union. Nazi's provoke anti-Semitic outrages in France. Air raids over London. England's new secret weapon called radar. The Romanian fascist Iron Guard Movement grows powerfully.

Selection # 15. Deleted due to incompleteness

Selection # 16. THE GREAT WINSTON CHURCHILL SPEAKS! The indomitable cigar smoking British leader who in defiance spat in the face of "Der Fuehrer." The man who not only saved England from defeat due to the great appeaser and inept Neville Chamberlain but Western civilization as well! Here are his speeches dated 5/9/40; 6/18/40; 7/14/40; 9/11/40 and 5/8/45. They will live as long as the English language itself.

Selection # 17.Part 1. Three of Edward R.Murrow's classic broadcasts. (a) during an air raid on London on 8/24/40 (b) during an air raid on Berlin in which he himself participated on 12/3/43 (c)liberation of the Buchenwald extermination camp on 4/15/45. Part 2 consists of Elmer Davis's war news of 6/3/40-7/15/40. Topics:The Germans take Dunkirk; France surrenders; America is becoming edgy.

Selection # 18.Part 1. Early D-Day reports,6/6/44, by H.V.Kaltenborn, Edward Murrow and John Harkness. A vivid picture of the beginning of warfare's greatest single invasion. Part 2: Elmer Davis's war news from 2/13/40-4/30/40. Topics: A possible Allied military move against Soviet Russia; England hunts for German ships in Norwegian waters; Germany invades Norway.

Selection # 19. On 2 cassettes: BULLETIN---F.D.R. Is dead, 4/12/45. OUR NATION IS STUNNED. On April 15th Hollywood pays tribute to our fallen leader with two hours of tributes given by top stars in the field of entertainment.

Selection # 20. Part 1. Sidney Mosley presents "Headlines of Tomorrow," 2/16/45. Also a tribute to Ernie Pyle,4/18/45, famous war correspondent killed by Japanese sniper fire on Ie Shima. Part 2. April 30,1945-HITLER IS DEAD! Many news reports about the event. Also Portland Oregon's KOIN presents the news on 5/7/45.

Selection # 21. Part 1. Walter Winchell,7/14/45. Singizer's news from 7/26/45. Howard K.Smith's on the scene reporting from bombed out Berlin in May,'45. Part 2. President Truman announces our dropping the Atom bomb on Hiroshima and Gabriel Heatter's news of the impending Japanese surrender.

Selection # 22. A CLASSIC! We hear the Cab Calloway Program of 8/14/45 and half way through it, in come the first bulletins announcing the Japanese surrender. Tension mounts as more bulletins are heard. It's TRUE-THEY HAVE GIVEN UP. THE WAR IS OVER AND THE NATION REJOICES!

Selection # 23. A change of pace. Lux Radio Theater presents the blockbuster hit "Buck Privates" that made Bud Abbott & Lou Costello not only household words but in short time the biggest moneymakers in all of Hollywood during the war years. They buoyed our spirits during the entire period of crises!

Selection # 24. Raymond Gram Swing's news of 3/4/38 regarding the Nazi persecution of Pastor Niemoeller and a sham trial held in the Soviet Union. We hear how in time, if left unchecked, Nazism will prove destructive to Christianity. Next the Duke of Windsor speaks to his nation from Verdun France, pleading for peace on 5/8/39. We then hear on 9/3/39, English Prime Minister Chamberlain declaring war on Germany. Finally the news by Kaltenborn on 10/20/39, a month and a half after the outbreak of war in Europe.

Selection #25. Raymond Gram Swing's complete review of year momentous year 1939-the one year which set the stage for the worst conflagration the world had ever seen.

Selection # 26. Elmer Davis's war news of May 30 and June 1-1940. The French surrender in the railway car in the forest of Compiegne-the same railway car in which the Germans surrendered in 1918; Hitler had his revenge! Also The World Today program of 4/4/41.

Selection # 27. Edward R.Murrow reports on 8/24/40:London After Dark. The blitz-incessant German bombing designed to break walls and England's resolve to see the war through. Also NYC Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia speaks on 5/28/41. Additionally The World Today news program of 11/5/41

Selection #28. Bob Hope's 1945 "Command Performance" program. Loads of stars of stage and screen.

Selection #29. Details of the final Japanese surrender as the Allies celebrate.

Selection # 30. A complete review of year 1944.

Selection # 31. A complete review of year 1945

Selection #32. A complete CBS radio review of World War II
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